In the Nikolaev area in a week militiamen withdrew 76 bushes of hemp of 216 bushes of poppy, in addition also drugs for total amount nearly 30 thousand UAH

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Last weekNikolaevmilitiamen focused the attention on illegal storage and drug trafficking. In particular, in the city and area a number of the facts of illegal cultivation, storage and sale of narcotic substances was documented.

On Tuesday, June 9, in Kubryaki's village of the Veselinovsky area police officers detained the jobless local at whom revealed and withdrew 100 g of marihuana. In the same day, but already in the city of Voznesensk in the house at the local militiamen revealed and withdrew 300 g of inflorescences of hemp.

Also police officers managed to establish on June 9 the fact of sale of narcotic substance - poppy straws. 26- the summer inhabitant of Pervomaisk illegally sold two kilograms of poppy straws for ten hryvnias. The guy obviously sold too cheap, after all now in the black market of kilograms of poppy straws costs about five thousand hryvnias, but it all the same will be punished.

Same week, on June 14, in Pervomaisk the local at whom revealed was detained and withdrew 165 g of cannabis.

On June 10 in Romanovke's village of the Bereznegovatsky area militiamen revealed and withdrew in the yard of the house of the jobless local resident of a plant of the somnolent poppy, in total about 450 g. Police officers revealed 40 more bushes of somnolent poppy and withdrew on a personal plot of the jobless inhabitant of the village Tarasovk of the Vradiyevsky area. And 130 bushes of hemp were revealed and withdrawn from the inhabitant of the village Fedorovk of the Vradiyevsky area - here such to themselves mini - a plantation.

Crops of hemp were revealed and in the Novobugsky area. So, on a personal plot at 32 - the summer inhabitant of the village Sofiyevk militiamen withdrew 38 bushes of hemp. And in Vasilyevk's village of the Ochakov area on a personal plot I decided to be engaged in poppy cultivation 62 - the summer pensioner. Police officers withdrew 36 bushes of somnolent poppy from it.

On June 13 it was succeeded to establish that else in March the inhabitant of the village Plyushchevka Zhovtnevogo of the area illegally sold nearly two kilograms of poppy straws for three thousand hryvnias to the fellow villager.Today from "seller" recognizance not to leave is taken. In the same area, but already in Meshkovo's village - Pogorelovo on a personal plot of one of locals militiamen revealed and withdrew 48 bushes of hemp.

I didn't remain unaddressed militiamen and the regional center. In Leninsky district of Nikolaev on June 11 on Starokrepostnaya St. crossing and so forth. October militiamen detained one of jobless locals from whom withdrew 15 g of cannabis.

In total, for last week the Nikolaev militiamen withdrew76 bushes of somnolent poppy,216 bushes of hempand narcotic substances for total amount near30 thousand hryvnias. Today concerning detainees criminal cases on signs of Art. 307 of UK of Ukraine (Illegal production, production, acquisition, transportation, transfer or sale of drugs, psychotropic substances or their analogs) and Art. 310 of UK of Ukraine (Crops or cultivation of somnolent poppy or hemp) are brought. Possible measure of punishment - imprisonment for a period of three till seven years.


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