The deputy - G. Zadyrko's byutovets about the one who and why "set up" him and Iosif Vinsky before Yulia Timoshenko.

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After in yesterday's air of the Freedom of speech program Yulia Timoshenko was passed by a steam skating rink on the Minister of Transport Iosif Vinsky and his next colleague, нардепу BYuT fractions to Gennady Zadirko (the prime minister accused them of pre-election corruption with use of money of "Ukrposhta"), g - N Vinsky gave today a press - conference, and Gennady Zadirko - interview to "Regional committee". Thus in some hours before he read in one of the Internet - editions news that his wife, appears … the thief. No wonder that in conversation at Gennady Aleksandrovich emotions sometimes read off scale:

- What you will tell about the charges brought by the prime minister?

- I can tell here that. On Friday when I spoke at fraction meeting, I spoke about impossibility of creation of the coalition with Party of Regions. Moreover, I proved the reasons, having referred to the program "The Ukrainian break", which was проголосована at congress and became an election program at parliamentary elections of 2006. In its first point it was written accurately down that the people can change the Constitution only. I will remind that in 2006 we carried out initiative gatherings of citizens in support of holding an All-Ukrainian referendum, registered them in local authorities.

I told that it is impossible to deceive so many voters to whom we went on elections with this program. And when I added that it not democratically and that in that case the party comes down to totalitarianism, Yulia Vladimirovna told: "And democratically to expose "Ukrposhta" to pay political advertizing to Iosif Vinsky? ".

- And what you answered it?

- Still then I told: "You misinform".And yesterday this conversation, unfortunately, had consequences. I too was very surprised with Yulia Vladimirovna's such comment. I know that today Iosif Vikentyevich(Vinsky -"Regional committee")I carried out about it a press - conference where accurately I placed all accents. He told that "Ukrpochta's" financial plan in 2009 provides expenses on advertizing already 85 thousand hryvnias. This state enterprise, and you perfectly understand that if the financial plan provides such figure, another simply a priori can't be.

Position second. Iosif Vikentyevich told: if I, according to Yulia Vladimirovna, am going to go in presidents, let's wait when will pass the last day registration of candidates for president, and if the such doesn't occur, I consider that Yulia Vladimirovna will have to apologize.

I know that Iosif Vikentyevich isn't going to go in presidents. I suggest to make the same and to Yulia Vladimirovna - but not in order that from party Vinsky was nominated. I know that today party fellows try to bind my words in such a way that I allegedly see the candidate from our party - Vinsky. But I literally told so: "Yulia Vladimirovna, I consider that you have to enter in history of Ukraine gold letters the name. You have to concentrate on fight against crisis because today this freight prevents you to make the correct rigid decisions. And the representative of our political force has to be the candidate in an ideal. Or politicians of the second echelon. But as Yatsenyuk's candidate, clearly, isn't accepted, it can be either Tigipko, or Gritsenko".

Here my point of view was such.

- Gennady Aleksandrovich, you for certain know who provided to Yulia Vladimirovna that information (according to "Ukrposhta") which you consider doubtful …

- I want to tell you as to the professional person, the journalist. I too began the vital career by the journalist in the city of Nikolaev, Tonis TV company, etc. And so, all the journalistic career (and I worked on criminal subject) I knew that, as the civil person as the personality, has to do everything possible to make the feasible contribution to fight against crime. And on - honest I did it therefore Nikolaev estimated me in due time and on elections in regional council I received nearly 50 thousand votes.

It was my living position. But today I read the Internet - a resource under the name "Authorities.isn't present" the publication which appeared after I accurately designated a position and dared to make comments. And so, today I am sure that those publications on discredit me and my wife - they are planned by party fellows. For what they do it? Well, to show these materials to Yulia Vladimirovna or somebody else - and to tell: well that this Zadirko, you read that about him on the Internet write!

- Gennady Aleksandrovich, please, - names, passwords, appearances …

- (not in forces to stop) … Yes he is the small trader drugs, the wife in boutique steals lingerie from it! And here such here ducks … you read on the Internet! I have after all a wife - mother of two children, and in Italy it never in life was!

- Gennady Aleksandrovich, names. Otherwise your words remain air concussion.

- I will honestly tell you: in due time I began the career in BYuTE (when Vinsky was engaged in party construction), working in is information - analytical department the deputy. Heads this department Alexander Ravkatovich(Abdulin -"Regional committee"). The deputy at it - dear Nikolay Bagrayev. There were chiefs of departments Victor Ukolov, Victor Pavlenko, everyone was engaged in the area of work. Also I can precisely tell that any such message will anyway be coordinated with Alexander Valentinovich(Turchinov -"Regional committee").

I it is simple, frankly speaking, shocked. At me actually the deepest process of disappointment in morality of people for whom I went in due time (together with Kapliyenko) to Donetsk begins. We in 2007 went there the Homeland to protect! And we yielded result - 94 thousand voices to Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc! And at Party of Regions, in comparison with 2006, 130 thousand were selected - because we controlled process on sites!

And now began process of discredit to tell: who such Zadirko? The deputatishka something dares any to yap. And who is he such? And he is the rascal of the highest measure - both drugs, and the wife at it there, and so forth (laughs).

These are actually such gebbelsovsky ways. On what these people count, I, frankly speaking, don't know. But I know that with these people to me not on the way. The person has the position.And here to humiliate it, to offend, start false information in the Internet … Here I on Tuesday will come to a hall of the Verkhovna Rada, I will come to fraction meetings - and how I will look in the face to people? ! Actually I simply feel that I will have any emptiness in the relations. And any prospect! Because if most important: I don't trust now any word of the leader, any word of the party management. Here in what a problem, and from it not to get to anywhere!


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