In Nikolayevshchina the guy who cut an axe the sister and mother, is sentenced to "the highest measure"

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The sentence of court according to which, for a premeditated murder of two people, to lifelong imprisonment Miroshnik Yu.A. is condemned came into force. On a court sentence, Miroshnik is found guilty that at first cut an axe the sister, and then, too made with own mother who refused to help it with crime concealment. About it reports a press - service of prosecutor's office of the Nikolaev area.

On August 23, 2008, at 9.00, in a residence of this citizen, between it and his sister Yulia there was a quarrel. They quarreled from - for the disappeared 400 hryvnias. The sister accused of it the brother. Having decided to revenge it for offense, the guy decided to kill the sister. It took an axe and struck to the sister some blows to front part of the head. The girl started rattling and fell to a floor, but the murderer decided to finish business, having struck three more blows to her to the head. The sister died on the spot from chopped wounds of the head.

Having been frightened perfect, the guy called mother and told that hit the sister, and the fact of her murder suppressed. Mother arrived home where the son in everything confessed. When mother tried to cause militia, the murderer very much was upset that she doesn't want to help him with concealment of a crime moreover and intends to tell all to militiamen. Without fluctuating, the son decided to kill and mother. I went to garage, I took the same axe, I entered the house and I struck to mother behind two blows to the head after which she fell to a bed and instantly I died.

With cold heart, after such bloody murders, the guy went with the girl to the sea, having left corpses on the places, hoping that them will find, and it will have an alibi which will take away from it suspicions. But, having arrived home, it, on the huge regret, found corpses there where left.

Then it took a shovel from the neighbor and dug corpses in a shed, and the floor cemented. The axe with which it killed, and a rag which it washed away blood, burned.

After that, I wrote the application in militia about disappearance of mother and the sister.Later, corpses of mother and the daughter were found in garage of the house.

In M.'s committed crimes I confessed, but I couldn't explain the reason of deeds.

Court Miroshnik found of commission of the crimes provided p.1 guilty, h. 2 items 9, 13 of St


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