Psychotherapeutic arithmetics

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They kiss and damn each other. We hate them, and then we go to vote for the same, in the same place. Then again we can't suffer them... And they are again kissed and twist figs in pockets... It isn't necessary to think that "it only policy". It is psychotherapy! Only we are healthy, and they in an agony. Both executive power, and legislative, both coalition, and opposition...

Only the truce, as right there war is planned. From the last (eh, if really so! ) meetings of the president, the prime minister and the speaker, unambiguously anybody expected nothing. It simply tradition. Met, communicated, dispersed, reminded each other that live in the most democratic of all possible democratic countries in the world and... parted on the affairs. On the, instead of state.

"I consider that everything looks is very declarative and everything can pour out in the next soap bubble. Perhaps, one successful vote on any question, and then again the nature will prevail", - the political scientist Dmitry Vydrin predicts. The expert paid attention to that fact that, despite allegedly reached agreements political forces continue to accuse each other of mass media, in particular in the Internet - editions." I thought that after a truce passions will cease a little bit, will cease to accuse it seems friendly political forces each other. But, I saw that there is the same total douche of each other by dirt. BYuT accuses the Secretariat of the president that that doesn't carry out the arrangement that controls the State Office of Public Prosecutor that brings criminal cases that is engaged in political prosecutions. It that hangs on the Internet after truce signing. Now we will see "obratka" from the Secretariat on charges from BYuT", - the director of the European institute of integration and development noted..

Vydrin appeared the rights. Next day after a meeting, a press - the secretary of the head of state Irina Vannikova declared that if the majority won't confirm the existence - the fact, the president Victor Yushchenko will look for other ways of overcoming of processes in the Verkhovna Rada. Further mockery is already trite.Vannikova noted that the president positively estimates the beginning of consultations between the chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Arseniy Yatsenyuk, the prime minister - the minister Yulia Timoshenko, leaders of the fractions BYuT and "Our Ukraine — National Self-defense" block, which purpose - search of ways of renewal of activity of the coalition of democratic forces. According to her, Yushchenko is convinced that is exclusive business of the majority in which recently there were essential disagreements both in priorities, and in ways of their embodiment. "In settlement of problems of the coalition the president considers by key figures the chairman of the parliament, the head of the government and leaders of BYuT and NUNS fractions. They define all complex of activity of the coalition and its interaction with the Cabinet", - emphasized a press - Yushchenko's secretary. On her belief, other participants of negotiation process can't be.

At what to coordinate all processes and to be their chief moderator, according to Vannikova, the speaker Yatsenyuk has to. Meanwhile, Yulia Timoshenko, on a blue eye again agrees with the president and notes that divides Victor Andreevich's concern about efficiency of activity of the Ukrainian parliament. "I completely divide concern of the president concerning overall performance of the coalition and in general parliament work", - she noted. Therefore, according to her, on June 24 joint meeting of heads of fractions of the coalitions, the chairman of the Verkhovna Rada and the prime minister - the minister on whom the agenda the next plenary week was agreed also took place.

At the same time, Tymoshenko again noted that today there is a coalition in number of the 228th People's Deputy, and such coalition is absolutely full. According to her, if was on - to another, the speaker of parliament already would declare exit consequences from the coalition of two People's Deputies. Making comments on the statement a press - the secretary of the president of Ukraine about possibility of application by the president of certain measures in case of non-confirmation of existence of the coalition, Tymoshenko noted, - "it was the statement, as far as I understand, a press - the secretary of the president, and there at all not there was a speech about renewal of quantitative structure of the coalition". She also noted that its team will make everything that the parliament worked effectively.

In total! ! ! That's all! There, so a press - the secretary told, there means, 228 is and in general there - at them (at us) everything is excellent.Meanwhile, the press - Tymoshenko's secretary doesn't criticize the. Marina Soroka reported, for example, that didn't invite to meeting of Cabinet of Ministers of governors. It was already on June 25. And the day before, the governmental portal reported that during meeting of Cabinet of Ministers the report of heads of the local state administrations "about the activity aimed at providing price stability and repayment of debt on payment of a salary to workers in branches of economy" is planned. According to this information, from which Yulia Timoshenko still prepared on June 17 the report of "careless" officials, five on "sacrifice" from - for high inflation in their areas, stood point the first in the agenda of cabinet council of ministers. Well Let it pass! Didn't call, so didn't call!

Yulia Vladimirovna "pricks" Victor Andreevich and in other places. Too old, and too patients. For example, again emphasizes that supports introduction of the parliamentary form of government, thus not excepting existence of institute of presidency with election of the head of state as national vote. Today there is no project of changes to the Constitution of Ukraine which would be supported by the constitutional majority of the Verkhovna Rada. It to journalists was declared by the prime minister - the minister of Ukraine Yulia Timoshenko, answering a question of journalists of possibility of consideration soon with parliament of a question of modification of the Constitution, in particular, concerning creation of the parliamentary republic.

At the same time, Tymoshenko considers that "today any document which would collect round itself such consensus, simply isn't present". She added that to bring in the Verkhovna Rada the project of changes to the Constitution in order that it was really accepted, it is possible only in case of confirmation of its support by the constitutional majority of deputies. Thus Tymoshenko noted that consultations concerning changes to the Constitution, developed by the National constitutional council created by the president of Ukraine, are conducted practically with all fractions.

The expert Victor Nebozhenko considers that in this political situation Yushchenko's interests as it is juicy, coincide with Tymoshenko. Certainly, the political scientist speaks not about the parliamentary form of government, and about a situation in general. "The problem in the simple - if the coalition will collapse, the president is obliged to react for 30 days, to coalition formation. If in 30 days there is no new coalition, it has a right to dismiss parliament.And I don't think that he now wants to dismiss parliament, in that situation in which now there is "our Ukraine", "The uniform center" and so on", - the expert told. That is, according to Nebozhenko, rather a president thus is baked about the interests and the political force and "tries that they at least with any worthy look went on the overseas leave".

And here other experts predict that "our Ukraine" will be divided by Baloga and Tymoshenko. The committee of voters of Ukraine predicts the selective reform directed on return to the mixed election system of People's Deputies. The chairman of the board of KIU Igor Popov predicts strengthening of requirements to electoral blocs on elections and preservation of 3% of a barrier to political parties. According to him, snap elections in Kiev showed an inefficiency of the election campaigns which are based on exclusively political slogans, and also effectiveness of technologies of direct work with voters, differentiations of approaches to target groups. Besides, elections confirmed need of work of constant networks of the party organizations, charity foundations, media holdings. According to Popov, KIU sees three options of an exit from political crisis: conservation of an existing state of affairs, achievement of tactical arrangements, with a constant aggravation of contradictions up to presidential election; coalition reformatting in operating structure of the Verkhovna Rada; purpose of early elections. In case of implementation of the last scenario, processes of dissolution of the Verkhovna Rada can develop into an active phase in the fall of 2008, with purpose of elections for December of this year.

Well it is correct, now summer, a stagnation stage, and an aggravation, as usual in the fall. Will be engaged already late in psychotherapeutic arithmetics in the winter. Figures and the sums will be, unambiguously, others.

Though it isn't excluded that in February - March, 2009, we again will hear from screens of TVs of figure 228, 226, 227 and terrible figure of 225 people. Will be коалициады, премьериады, etc., etc. Well, it in case the same people will come to Rada. And as others, practically, aren't present, the answer to a question follows by itself.


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