The Nikolaev tax specialists covered the next shop on production of the forged alcohol. 130 liters of "Palenque" and 70 liters of alcohol

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Staff of tax police of the city of Voznesensk of the Nikolaev area exposed and stopped activity of "underground shop" on production of the forged alcoholic beverages.

It was established that one of Voznesensky's inhabitants of the region of the Nikolaev area arranged in own house production of the forged vodka for the purpose of its subsequent realization to local population.

Staff of tax police carried out expeditious purchase of several liters of the forged vodka and the search at this inhabitant is carried out. During carrying out a search it was revealed and withdrawn: alcohol-containing liquid (vodka) poured in plastic capacities of different volume in number of 130 liters, alcohol in number of 70 liters, the equipment for mass production of the forged alcoholic beverages, namely: watering cans, hoses, glass container, alcoholometers, filters, the cash received from illegal realization of forged alcoholic beverages.

It is by results judicial - toxicological examination it was established that this "vodka" at the use bears threat of life and to health of the person. Signs of the crime provided by part 3 of article 204 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine are seen in actions of the owner of "underground shop" on production of the forged alcoholic beverages (illegal realization of illegally made forged alcoholic beverages which at the use bear threat of life and to health of the person).

Now the staff of tax police carries out the subsequent investigative actions.


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