Ombudsman: In a pre-trial detention center 130-135 people

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The representative of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on human rights Nina Karpachyova considers that bodies of prosecutor's office inefficiently work in prevention and investigation of the facts of tortures from police officers and Department concerning execution of punishments.

The ombudsman declared it today on a press - conferences in the UNIAN.

"The role of bodies of prosecutor's office in questions of overcoming of tortures, expeditious investigation is extremely inefficient", - she told, having noted thus that vessels, in turn, "don't have enough courage to make rigid decisions" in relation to guilty of such shameful phenomenon, as tortures.

At the same time Karpachyova noted that for the last years there is a certain positive concerning reduction of dynamics of application of tortures to detainees. "But today the statistics of addresses to the ombudsman (concerning tortures - an edition) doesn't decrease: on the average in a year we receive about 1300 addresses from people concerning whom tortures were applied, or from their relatives", - Karpachyova told.

On her belief, militia of tortures nonprofessionalism of workers and indicators of disclosure of crimes which still exist in system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and also impossibility of presence of the lawyer from the moment of detention of the person are the main reasons of application.

At the same time it supported requirements of the UN to Ukraine concerning elimination of rooms for detainees who are in militia regional departments as exactly there most of all apply to people illegal methods of influence.

"I completely support the UN requirement that rooms for detainees in militia were closed", - Karpachyova told. At the same time she noted that also supports reduction of term of detention people from 72 to 48 o'clock.

Besides, the ombudsman expressed opinion that in Ukraine the preventive independent monitoring body that will make impossible application of tortures has to be created, and "we are ready to become part of such mechanism".Also, Karpachyova considers, in Ukraine it is necessary to bring medical institutions which carry out expertizes out of submission of power structures, having placed of them under authority to specially created State Department to make impossible influence on receiving result of medical examination.

Concerning a mortality subject in pre-trial detention centers, Karpachyova noted that unseemly execution of functions by the personnel of a pre-trial detention center and those who exercises supervision of prisoners is the main reason of such inadmissible situation.

In particular, as it is established by monitoring of the Commissioner for Human Rights, since 2004, in a pre-trial detention center 130-135 people annually die.

Proceeding from stated, the Institute of the ombudsman of Ukraine once again demands from the management of the Prosecutor General's Office, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, State Department concerning execution of punishments urgently to develop the program of elimination of the scandalous things leading to rough human rights violation.


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