The Somali pirates can shoot our seamen

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Thursday - the last day of the ultimatum of the Somali pirates. Onboard the vessel "Lehmann Timber" - fifteen seamen, from them four - Ukrainians. Requirements of robbers are invariable: either 750 thousand dollars, or pirates will start shooting captives.

But money to them still didn't transfer. Relatives of seafarers say that funds transferred, but they... "were lost in bank".

About it "the 5th channel" was told by the wife of the Ukrainian hostage Svetlana Rudnichenko. From - for exhaustions many seamen aren't capable to move. They have no food and medicines. Even waters almost don't give to people.

Rudnichenko reported that even waters any more don't give to seamen.

"Just today the second mechanic called and told that people lie. Pirates limited access to water - even on a water glass they (hostages) don't receive in day. For yesterday we knew that money was transferred in bank, and in bank they as - that were lost", - she speaks.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine refuses flatly to make comments on a situation. In department speak - the excessive agiotage round these events complicates for them process of negotiations with pirates.


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