Main versions of murder of the Stalin people's commissar Lavrenti Beria

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Lavrenti Beria after Stalin's death held a post 1-го the deputy prime minister and headed the Ministry of Internal Affairs joint with state security. On June 26, 1953 he was arrested. That happened to this person in the last days of his life, for certain anybody doesn't know. What were circumstances of arrest and execution Beria?

Kremlin "dismantlings"

Clouds over Beria started being condensed even in the spring of 1953. All Kremlin top was afraid of it. And not without the bases. In - the first, it had well debugged repressive device in the submission. In - the second, I knew about each of the "old companions" a lot of such about what they would prefer to forget.

The conflict passed into an open phase on Central Committee plenum (on July 2 - 7, 1953) which passed in the absence of the main villain. It allowed "colleagues" to catch Beria that he "irritated... companion Stalin" (Hrushchyov), I was "foreign person, the person of anti-Soviet camp" (Molotov), "I spied for members of the Politburo" (Bulganin).
Beria accused of communications with "traitor Tito", of attempts to unite Germany in the uniform bourgeois state and carrying out the "wrong" national policy when he supported big independence of the republics in the Soviet Union. Remembered to it and work on a party task in intelligence of bourgeois Azerbaijan and Georgia.

Especially carefully dug in active sexual life of the former main security officer. Chilling stories about Lavrenti Pavlovich's sexual crimes alternated with dry lines of the protocol: "… We found numerous letters from women intimately - the trite contents. Us a large number of subjects of the man - the libertine …" Interestingly where those "subjects" after execution of "libertine" got to is also revealed?

When shot Beria?

Circumstances of arrest and further destiny Beria are foggy. According to the official version, him arrested on June 26 at meeting of Presidium of Council of ministers. The arrest picture in the description of its participants differs essential details.Hrushchyov, for example, remembered how he heroically grabbed Beria by a hand that that couldn't use the weapon. Zhukov claimed that he personally ordered to raise Beria hands up, and then "stirred up it properly". The general Moskalenko wrote that it he directed the gun on Beria, and arrest to that was declared by Malenkov. Beria took part in capture also the general - the major, the chief of political department of the Navy Leonid Brezhnev, but memories of this episode it, alas, didn't leave.

Then the arrested placed on a garrison guardroom and transferred to the staff bunker of the Moscow military district. Shot Beria on a court sentence on December 23, 1953

Doubts in that everything occurred quite so, appeared at Hrushchyov and received confirmation today. When opened archives, it became clear that in the act of execution Beria isn't present the signature of the doctor verifying death. In the document concerning death of those whom judged and shot in one day with Beria, the doctor undersigned. The act of a kremirovaniye of their bodies remained also, and the act of a body kremirovaniye Beria is absent.

Not casually some researchers make a hypothesis that Beria was killed to court, and his double participated in process. This version is spoken well by that fact that the latest protocols of interrogations Beria are dated the end of July - the beginning августа1953. Four months to court - quite sufficient term for training of the double. Especially as process over Beria was closed, and even members of Presidium of the Central Committee who well knew the defendant by sight, weren't present at court sessions, and listened to their translation in the offices.

There is also third, even more exotic version of death Beria. His son Sergo claimed that on June 26, 1953 the father wasn't arrested, and killed extrajudicially. At the house he received the message on firefight by phone from the acquaintance. When Grey arrived to a mansion at Vosstaniya Square, it there didn't start up, but it saw the broken windows in an office of the father. It were firefight traces between the security guards protecting the house of the Minister of Internal Affairs, and military who tried to take it storm. Probably, Lavrenti Beria was killed exactly there and then.

About "criminal anti-party and antistate acts L. P. Beria" the Soviet citizens learned on July 10, 1953 from newspapers. On the death of "the Stalin people's commissar" the people responded a chastushka: "Beria, Beria - left trust, and companion Malenkov надавал to it kicks".


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