The drunk builder killed the best friend, from - for which lost work

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In the suburb of Nikolaev the passerby, walking in the morning a dog, I found the semi-dug corpse. On conclusions of guards which soon arrived to a scene, the person was killed quite recently. On troupe there were knife wounds.

Investigating this murder skilled guards spoke about senselessness of the committed crime. It appeared, the victim was killed by the best child-hood friend. And I killed in day of a meeting, after long years of separation.

Men who grew up in one village, life scattered on different regions. Guys worked, got families. Crisis broke destinies to both. In job searches both friends went to Nikolaev. There also happened absolutely, being employed on seasonal construction works. The pleasure of a meeting wasn't the end.

However the foreman of builders, having learned about Valery's working specialties, I dismissed already working, but less skilled Sergey. That at first, it seems, took offense, but "departed" supposedly works as everything will suffice later, I will look in other place. Also I suggested the second to drink outdoors nearby for a meeting.

Sergey and Valery spoke long, was what to remember. Under "warm" conversation the vodka bottle imperceptibly left. Burnt by the Sun and alcohol builders fell asleep. That in these times dreamed Valery, already nobody learns, and here the house dreamed Sergey. Native reproached to it that it can't find work in any way. School days when Valery always held up to him as an example were remembered. Sergey woke up, already knowing who in life was responsible for his failures.

Knife with which recently together cut bread, Sergey began to put to the sleeping friend of blows in a breast. Having woken up, Valery tried to show resistance, however resist to the friend armed with a knife, it couldn't.

The murderer didn't begin to dig in a body on the sufficient depth therefore a corpse so quickly and found. For murder of the person of the detainee expects a long imprisonment term.

Already being in the camera, Sergey continues to accuse of the unsuccessful life of the friend.


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