In Nikolaev "dead souls" sold autogarage cooperative, and money was received by the chairman

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The autogarage cooperative "Vanguard — 2" got 1993 more permission from Meshkovo - the Pogorelovsky Village Council for using the earth, and in three years the territory received by cooperative was attached to borders of Nikolaev. In July, 2007 the Nikolaev city council transfers to the possession to cooperative the land plot of 45181 sq.m for construction and service of garages.

In a month, in August, 2007 the cooperative sold the received ground to limited liability company. The Nikolaev city council granted permission for change of purpose of a ground - now the shopping center on sale of construction materials and goods for gardeners there had to settle down, the land management project is approved.

As Public service on fight against economic crimes found out, the act of purchase and sale is made on the basis of the minutes of members of cooperative where they agreed to sale of land. But as GSBEP check established, from 25 members of cooperative according to sheets 13 citizens there don't appear, 2 members of cooperative by that moment already died and 6 weren't present at meeting …

Therefore the Prosecutor's office of the Nikolaev area on materials GSBEP of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area took out the resolution about initiation of legal proceedings against the chairman of the autogarage cooperative provided p.1 by Art. 366 of KKU upon office forgery, and also on ч.2 by Art. 365 of KKU "Excess of the Power or Office Powers". Besides, the chairman also was shortchanged - he needed to enter more than "dead souls" as it agrees with the Land code each member of cooperative had the right and the order only 0,01 hectares, and 0,18 hectares were the share of 25 "avant-gardists". On the Nikolaev city council too I didn't take this fact into account.

And according to tax sheets, this non-profitable enterprise didn't show in the tax report the sum for sale of land - 5 million 50 thousand UAH


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