Пукач gives "detailed" evidences without any names

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GeneralAlexey Pukachgives to a consequence "objective", detailed and exact indications, but any names involved in murderGeorgy Gongadze, yet I didn't call, tell sources close to the investigation.

"Pukach doesn't become reserved, gives normal, apparently, objective indications", - tells the source of the Segodnya newspaper approached to an investigation team.

"Even members of group didn't wait that Pukach will answer so in details and precisely", - he adds.

The source didn't confirm the word of the deputy chairman of SBUVasily Gritsakabout that the fluent general by name called at once customers of murder of Gongadze.

"It seems that in intelligence service euphoria was played, and Pukachu enclosed in lips that would like to hear. But he still personally didn't mention anybody - neither from live, nor from dead. And the consequence didn't reach before yet", - the interlocutor told.

"Now Pukach answers routine, not paramount importance questions - specifications: where was born and I grew that ended where worked, what family and so on. On September 16, 2000 dialogue didn't reach events yet", - he added.

As the lawyerreportedSergey Osyka, (called nowadays department of providing a pretrial investigation) Pukach is in the former pre-trial detention center of SBU in very comfortable as for the prisoner conditions. In the camera he one, feels normally, complaints doesn't state.

"Feed - give to drink well. Moreover, the personnel even brings it coffee. Пукач has opportunity to read the press. At the expense of the state provide with linen - pants - socks. For safety reasons in Pechersky court on the sanction it carried in full ammunition of the fighter of "Alpha" - a camouflage, a bullet-proof vest, a protective helmet and other (that the history with Maxim Kurochkin's execution didn't repeat)", - the newspaper writes.

"I shaved a beard and moustaches, ruddy, radiating with health. I took the same form what had when I protected it the first time", - Osyka speaks.


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