The Party of Regions exchanged infamous "authority" for not less scandalous cop

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The decision of political council of the Crimean republican organization of the Party of Regions, acting deputies of the Verkhovna Rada of the Crimea Alexander Melnik and Igor Lukashev aren't included in the list of candidates on elections in the Crimean parliament in March, 2010.

As reported a source in KRO PR, on August 3 on political council of the party organization the preliminary electoral list from 52-x candidates was approved. At this list there is a present Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of the Crimea Anatoly Gritsenko which partners call the eliminated applicants in A. Melnik and I. Lukashev's deputies. Besides, I got to the list and the mayor of Kerch Oleg Osadchy who was earlier declaring intentions to go on elections with "the Block of the Rook". From new faces in the list - the secretary of city council of Yalta Alexey Boyarchuk, deputies of city council of Simferopol Boris Frotman and Vladimir Zhivitsa, oppositional to the mayor Gennady Babenko, and also the former chief of the Crimean militia Anatoly Mogilev appointed the head of a campaign headquarters of the candidate for president of Ukraine of Victor Yanukovych in the Crimea. The list also included the head of the PR Bakhchsarai organization, Valentin Krashkin's clashing with the present Crimean management director general "Krymvodokanala".

According to the list of Party of Regions, allegedly, some members of the Russian community of the Crimea, being at the same time and party members of regions will stand also. This is the chairman FATE Sergey Tsekov, deputies Anatoly Zhilin, Oleg Slyusarenko.

There is in the list of candidates no member of presidium of BP of ARC, the present chairman of the Constant commission mandatory, on deputy ethics, the organization of work of the Verkhovna Rada and mass media Grigory Ioffe.

According to messages of mass media, earlier the head of the Crimean organization of Party of Regions Vasily Kiselyov declared intention "to clear of a ballast" the Crimean party organization and not to allow formation of party lists by criminals. He also accused deputies A. Melnik and I. Lukashov of party discredit, requisitions and kickbacks from businessmen, illegal distribution of land resources in Simferopol.

The management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs repeatedly called the deputy A. Melnik one of members of the organized criminal group "Salem".

On September 29, 2006 police officers detained the deputy A. Melnik on suspicion in the organization of a number of serious crimes. On October 2 meeting of Pechersky district court of Kiev had to take place to define a measure of restraint for A. Melnik, however meeting didn't take place as the State Office of Public Prosecutor didn't bring to trial the corresponding materials, and the deputy was released from - under guards.


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