The Nikolaev hackers "cleaned" the European banks on one million hryvnias

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Five young nikolayevets aged from 23 till 29 years, thanks to electronic system of calculation of banks, could "insert" the European banks on 200 thousand hryvnias. Children opened fictitious firm, the trading house, allegedly engaged in equipment sale. In the office swindlers installed the terminal of one of the Ukrainian banks. They were helped by the employee of representation of this bank with Nikolaev, having secretly entered with hackers arrangement.

One electronic program and some fictitious plastic cards - and money fell down on young "kulibinykh", in abundance. Children managed to hack a banking system of the European banks. The amounts according to the clearing settlement were transferred, and cashed them through "friendly" bank. Children of 200 thousand hryvnias managed to remove, but one million fell to accounts. If they transferred the amount of all for several times and quickly hid traces of the crime, probably, they now quietly would continue the peace existence, without caring of a piece of bread on an old age of years. But carelessness and greed, as they say, ruined a frayer …

But young people transferred money often and long, within two months. Avidity brought enterprising hackers - the staff of bank, having traced cash flow via the terminal, suspected wrong, and addressed in militia. Employees of public service on fight against economic crimes of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area together with the staff of department of fight against economic crimes of the Central regional department of militia have the terminal shadowed and soon caught schemers "on hot".

At present four swindlers are detained, one is wanted. It incriminates Art. 190 ч.4 to UK "Fraud", by Art. 200 ч.2 UK "Crime in the Sphere of Economic Activity", Art. 209 ч.2 UK "Legalization (Washing) of Money", Art. 205 ч.2 UK "Fictitious Enterprise" and Art. 366 ч.2 UK "Office Forgery".

The old joke is remembered:"Thanks to the American computerized election system of the president, thousands Russian hackers could take part in vote... ". These swindlers will be punished. There will be only some thousands. Conclusion - all European computerized systems very much need strengthening of protection against breakings.


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