This is the ordinary person, - the first deputy prosecutor of the Nikolaev area about the criminal leader "Animated cartoon"

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Artur Shapovalov
The Nikolaev businessman Mikhail Titov has been called in investigative department of Management of Security service of Ukraine for check of his activity which is allegedly connected with support of separatists, however the State Security Service of Ukraine hasn't seen corpus delicti in his actions in the Nikolaev area. Similarly in Titov's actions the reasons for opening of criminal proceedings aren't seen also by prosecutor's office, calling him «ordinary person».

It became known in the course a press - the conference devoted to questions of counteraction to separatism and terrorism in the Nikolaev area which has taken place on Tuesday, April 5, in the building of prosecutor's office of the Nikolaev area.

So, that Mikhail Titov was in investigative department of the State Security Service of Ukraine, the chief of investigative department of management of Security service of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area Andrey Vasilenko has told.

- He was in investigative department just recently. Concerning separatism, his activity in a type of the fact that there is a number of publications and the public speaks about it, is checked, inquiries move. However for today to tell that in his actions there is any structure about which we can speak, it is absent yet, - Vasilenko has twisted.

In turn the representative of the public Yulia Miskevich who is present on a press - conferences, has asked a question of what will become for the State Security Service of Ukraine the proof that Titov is related to separatists. «When he from Chechnya brings fighters here?» - she has asked. 

- You know a question this rhetorical, of you. I will tell you so that nobody will bring any fighters here, - Vasilenko has answered.

At the same time he has once again emphasized that at the moment time the corpus delicti in Mikhail Titov's actions is absent.

- If the corpus delicti was observed in his actions, then we would react.Once again I want to pay attention that all these processes, not important it is Mikhail Titov or Ivanov, whose coloring, what surname at him... If we see that the person constitutes public danger and threat of territorial integrity, then we react, - Vasilenko has declared.

At the same time, according to the head of department of supervision in criminal proceedings Anatoly Zhmura, the prosecutor's office takes all necessary measures for the matter.

- We know who we such Titov and know not only him. Law enforcement agencies take all measures which have to accept, - Zhmura has declared.

It should be noted that initially the first deputy prosecutor of the Nikolaev area Artur Shapovalov, having heard a surname Titov, has asked attendees a question: «And who such Titov?». Later, when the subject has again returned to the above-stated personality, the prosecutor has told:

- We have asked this question ( «Who such Titov?» , - PN) owing to the fact that it is the ordinary person. Not that we don't know him, and that he is an ordinary person and not that it is some Titov (the prosecutor has placed emphasis on a surname, - PN), such that it is direct…, - the prosecutor has told.

At the same time, he as well as the representative of the State Security Service of Ukraine has declared:

- If he (Mikhail Titov, - PN) breaks the law, and we will have data, then he will be responsible for it.

It is known that the Nikolaev businessman Mikhail Titov has a nickname in certain circles «Animated cartoon». Earlier interim chief of the Nikolaev police Vitaly Goncharov declared that Mikhail Titov is the criminal leader: «In the world him call «Animated cartoon»

Александра Вязникова

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