Who is at war with monuments of the Crimean war in Nikolayevshchina?

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In Nikolaev some fortification constructions of times of the Crimean war - historical value remained 1854-1856 representing cultural. The majority of them is already destroyed.

Makes comments: Vladimir Ruban, candidate of historical sciences, associate professor of Ukraine university

In one of novels of the British writer Kronin, devoted to the Scottish remote place, unexpectedly meet in the small miner's town of the name of streets Sevastopol, Balaklavsky. Thus, Great Britain, France and other countries of the coalition immortalized a victory over Russia in the Crimean war. Though, on - to the truth speaking, for these countries the victory was Pirrovy. And, nevertheless, Russia as the won party was compelled to sign the humiliating world. The emperor Nikolay I which long-term plans failed, didn't sustain a shame and ordered the лейбмедику to give it poison.

The Crimean war became a result of policy of the well-known East question which occupied the European governments all first half 19-го centuries. But the sources it leaves in a century previous when the empress Catherine II and the lightest prince Grigory Potemkin - Taurian started making plans of capture of Bosphorus and Dardanelless. They intended to revive Christian Constantinople and to recreate the Byzantine empire under the Russian guardianship. Ekaterina therefore even I named one of the grandsons Konstantin who refused subsequently a throne in favor of the brother Nikolay I.

Progress of Russia in русско - the Turkish wars, emergence on the card of tiny points with names - Sevastopol, Kherson, Nikolaev, Odessa and creation of efficient Black Sea fleet considerably disturbed the leading European countries, first of all, England and France. After all plans of Russia directly threatened their interests in the Middle East.

Napoleon and the related events for a while forced Europe to forget about East question. But after a victory over the French emperor, he came up again.The European countries realized that the grown decrepit Ottoman Empire isn't able to resist to Russia, and were accepted to creation of the coalition including and Turkey.

The thunder burst in 1854. The first Odessa underwent bombing by allied fleet. But attempt to intimidate in such a way Russia was unsuccessful. This bombing caused more curiosity in inhabitants of Odessa, than alarms.

Allies refused storm of Nikolaev where there was a staff of fleet and the main ship-building base. The city was so skillfully and is reliably strengthened that any enemy ship couldn't come nearer to it. Therefore the battlefield was developed in the Crimea, near Sevastopol.

If in Odessa presently the only reminder on the Crimean war is the legendary kernel on a pedestal of a monument to Duke de Richelieu, in Nikolaev so grandiose strengthenings remained what to storm them each modern military equipment will be able not. Near the waterway conducting under the left coast of the Bugsky estuary in seaport, over a water mirror the narrow, long island called by the Konstantinovsky battery rises. Actually, at the time of the Crimean war it there was the peninsula connected by the road to the coast at Small Korenikhi. Now from the road there was only a shallow. And the man-made island on which once there were guns, is washed away by estuary waters. And sooner or later they will absorb it.

The whole chain of strengthenings was built and on land at Small Korenikhi from which only one remained now. It is a big redoubt at the dominating height over all surrounding district.

It is important to note that the Crimean war, bloody for Sevastopol, for Nikolaev came to the end without uniform shot. But consequences for the city the Parisian treatise of 1856 had the hardest. The matter is that it agrees to one of points of the peace treaty, Russia lost the right to build the military ships on the Black Sea and had to raze all coastal strengthenings. From - for absence of military orders Nikolaev captured crisis. However, to a srytiya of strengthenings of a hand then didn't reach. But bulldozers reached them presently. From the majority of strengthenings now didn't remain also a trace. While only main redoubt was lucky. And that is apparently valid - while.

And after all even those historical monuments of times of the Crimean war which remained, represent fine objects for travel business, including, and international.Inhabitants of Odessa managed to cause interest in tourists only one ship kernel. We, in Nikolaev, in power, at businessmen have no desire to keep and place at service to culture and economy monuments of the Crimean war. While with them devastating war continues to be conducted silent, but.


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