When nikolayevets paid off a stolen card in a supermarket, it was expected already by police officers

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Two young nikolayevets celebrated an Independence Day of Ukraine in a big way, but, eventually, appeared behind a lattice.

23- summer Oleg and Nikolay saw and walked to the last kopek. Was to go home, nevertheless, already late they didn't gather, the employee of SSO NSU Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Tatyana Lisetskaya tells. Money for alcohol was urgently necessary. Oleg remembered that in one of the yards on Chkalov St. there lives his acquaintance who can borrow money. It left Nikolay and moved to the yard.

Suddenly the guy was come into the view by the woman who came into a house entrance. At Oleg the thought of how it is possible quickly and to receive money easily quickly flew. He ran in in an entrance and pulled out a bag at the woman.

Guys found 20 hryvnias in a female handbag and a bank card. Friends came into the next supermarket, bought six liters of beer and two packs of cigarettes and paid off a card. After a while they again went to buy still beer, but it wasn't succeeded to pay for goods to them - on a card there was no money. To disappointment of idlers there were no borders and when they left a supermarket, they were waited already by police officers.

As it became clear later, friends already visited imprisonment places for a similar crime.

Now to detainees it is shown charges according to the Art. of 186 h. 2 Criminal Codes of Ukraine (robbery) that provides imprisonment for a period of four till six years.


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