Teachers - bribe takers can't be made responsible for corruption

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Today, on September 2, at the initiative of Management of security service of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area the round table on the subject "Corruption Counteraction in Education" took place.

The lieutenant colonel Vadim Olabin, representatives regional law-enforcement and supervisory authorities, regional public organizations were invited to discussion the chief of regional department of education and science of the Nikolaev regional state administration Valery Melnichenko, the deputy head of department of fight against corruption and USBU organized crime.

To discussion the set of questions, among which and interaction of educational institutions and law enforcement agencies concerning prevention of manifestations of official abuses and bribery, prevention of the facts of inappropriate and irrational use of budget money which are allocated according to target programs in education, transparency of introductory campaign was planned.

As Valery Melnichenko noted, it is impossible to confuse concepts of corruption and bribery. The concept of corruption is applicable only to officials whom teachers and teachers of educational institutions don't treat. They aren't subjects of responsibility are expenses of the legislation. Nevertheless, as Vadim Olabin noted, the Criminal code extends on all citizens.

As for results of introductory campaign, to the line of trust (ph. 490-322) didn't arrive any essential statement of rather similar violations during introductory campaign. Since the beginning of 2009 19 crimes in education are registered, but parents from whom money for school needs demanded most often addressed. Only one fact of bribery in Pervomaisk University institute of Mechnikov is registered. There are offenses in the sphere of official forgery - the forged salary sheets, "dead souls" in labor collective and other.

As Valery Melnichenko, concordant го to the monitoring admitted, the smallest percent of statements for the facts of bribery arrived from the Black Sea state university of Pyotr Mogila who, according to the head of department of education, and it is possible to consider most "pure on a hand" as higher education institution.

Nevertheless, journalists present at conference confirmed that the bribery facts to a greater or lesser extent are present at each higher education institution. That only one fact is elicited - in Pervomaisk is a confirmation of that today corruption (or bribes) are convenient as teachers with a low wage, and for students (not owning the knowledge, passing couples from - for works, lazy, other). Such facts don't declare, of punishments aren't afraid, obvious deny, and participants aren't going to stop it the phenomena it.


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