Kremlin war of compromising evidences

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To "Yad Vashem" there are no the documents confirming participation of one of leaders of the Ukrainian nationalists of Roman Shukhevich in crimes against Jews.


About it to a portal IzRus I reported the source approached to the management of the memorial center. The matter gains the increasing sharpness in the relations of Jerusalem and Kiev, and is imperceptibly used by Moscow for pressure upon the westernized leaders of the "broken-away" republics.

About Roman Shukhevich in November of last year I declared existence of the whole folder of documents ex-the Minister of Justice Yosef Lapid holding a post of the chairman of the board "Yad Vashem". He told it at a meeting with Victor Yushchenko, during visit of the last to Israel. Some days before that, the Ukrainian president appropriated to Shukhevich a rank of the Hero of Ukraine. Lapid expressed a protest about it, having noted that the battalion CC "Nakhtigal" which Shukhevich ordered, destroyed thousands Jews. Later, in interview to the Ukrainian Today edition, ex-the Minister of Justice I added that Shukhevich's battalion participated in the Jewish riots, in particular in destruction of 4000 Jews of Lviv in the summer 1941-го. However the historians conducting researches of this subject by request of the Security Service of Ukraine (SSU), refute similar statements. Having stayed in Israel since February 27 on 4-е March, they declared that no file of Shukhevich about which Lapid spoke, to "Yad Vashem" is present. And those 24 pages of documents that were transferred by the Israeli colleagues - no more than the forgery of KGB fabricated in 1959.

Now, that to "Yad Vashem" there is no file on the commander of the battalion "Nakhtigal", the high-ranking employee of the most memorial center declares. According to him, only after November incident the director general "Yad Vashem" Avner Shalev disposed to begin searches of the corresponding materials urgently. The special research group consisting of four people, the most approximate to the management was for this purpose created. "Their activity is shrouded in a dense veil of privacy", even for colleagues on the memorial center. "They look for certificates on Shukhevich's crimes, but can find nothing", - tells a source of a portal of IzRus.

According to him, in the created situation the general director "Yad Vashem" Avner Shalev most of all wishes "to save a face". Especially as and for it Lapid's demarche appeared a bolt from the blue. "Shalev never would afford such attack, without having checked in advance, there are such documents or not", - the representative of the memorial center speaks.

Thus he notes that "it is possible to prove also it is impossible what really to prove, and without any documentary certificates". That is, "to enter" Shukhevich in number "murderers of Jews", it is enough to use the general data on the Organization of the Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN). "Though there were exceptions when OUN helped Jews, or they participated in its activity, nevertheless the general policy of this movement, in any case, till 1943, was unambiguously directed on destruction of Jews and on support of the genocide which was carried out by nazis".

As our interlocutor reported, "Yad Vashem" possesses a large number of the materials concerning OUN as a whole. Their insignificant part is made by leaflets of the Organization of the Ukrainian nationalists. The rest is materials of investigating authorities of People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs, protocols of interrogations of members of OUN. "Practically Shukhevich's name isn't mentioned anywhere. Even there are no special materials about the battalion "Naftigal". About any documents, allowing to accuse the commander of this division of crimes against Jews, it isn't known" yet, - the representative "Yad Vashem" declared.

Making comments on this information on a request of a portal of IzRus, Yosef Lapid emphasized that a press - the service "Yad Vashem" distributed the statement in connection with assignment to Roman Shukhevich ranks of the Hero of Ukraine still "to my meeting with the president Yushchenko". Moreover, the separate place in the monumental edition "Holocaust Encyclopedia" which was published in Hebrew and in English still in 1990 is allocated for history of the commander of the battalion "Nakhtigal".

"Besides, I requested Shukhevich's business, and itself saw historical documents, personally studied them", - Lapid insists. According to him, these materials prove that Shukhevich ordered the battalion "Nakhtigal" when this division carried out riots in Lviv, Zolochev and Ternopol. "Now, however, claim that "Nakhtigal" was especially operational part, so especially operational activity included murders of Jews".

According to Lapid, contradictions between Ukrainians and Israelis arose only because historians of SBU don't recognize authenticity of documents available at "Yad Vashem"."They consider that these materials were fabricated by Russians, and I believe that documents - original". And, already in the conclusion of interview, Yosef Lapid warned opponents: "Our researchers study now absolutely other materials which it is impossible to declare a fake".

Representatives "Yad Vashem" flatly refused to make comments officially on any questions connected with the Holocaust in the occupied Soviet territory. Formal explanation - "a sharp lack of time" in connection with preparation by Day of Accident of the European Jewry. And, it was at the same time refused not only to IzRus portal, but even to the REKA state radio station.

On a course of preparation of this material nervousness and extreme vigilance of all of those who has at least indirect relation to activity "Yad Vashem" on the Soviet subject strongly was evident. The source approached to the management of the memorial center, agreed to speak only on the condition of anonymity, took such step, only after our address to one of sponsors "Yad Vashem".

Not for record the same source explained: general care is caused by that the questions connected with studying of the Holocaust and the former Soviet republics, get the increasing political coloring. It concerns not only stories with Roman Shukhevich, but also the whole complex of the subjects concerning Ukraine and the Baltic States. The reason is clear: one of key instruments of national self-affirmation, counter to Russia, leaders of these states chose glorification of the nationalist movements fighting for independence of Moscow, including by active cooperation with nazis.

This choice is effectively used by the Kremlin for the purpose of discredit of the guide of obstinate neighbors in the opinion of the West. The special part is thus assigned Russian and international to the Jewish organizations, but still the big - to the world center of perpetuating of the Holocaust.

Thereby, "Yad Vashem" was involved in opposition of westernized part of establishment of Ukraine and the Baltic States with Putin's Russia gaining strength. And it is played into the hands involuntarily by the Israeli historians.


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