The arrested Nesterov: Business of werewolves try to disorganize

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Arrest of the only thing accused which gives evidences in the matter of militia werewolves, is attempt to put upon it pressure and to disorganize business.

Such statement was made by arrested Yury Nesterov whom "The mirror of week" contacted in a pre-trial detention center.

"(Arrest) reason one - to press me and to disorganize this business", - Nesterov declared.

He emphasized that earlier law enforcement agencies on behalf of the state in exchange for indications guaranteed application of current laws to it about fight against the organized crime and about protection of witnesses.

"To me guaranteed that to a court sentence I won't get to prison, and on a court sentence, according to the law, I can be partially or is completely exempted from criminal liability. And I wouldn't go to addressing to the press and to give any comments if me didn't tire out to the deadlock", - the arrested declared.

On a question of, whether it will refuse the previous indications, Nesterov declared:

"Very many people of it want, as confirms my presence here, in an insulator".

According to Nesterov, his personal security is at present under the threat.

"I already addressed to the general prosecutor and the chief of a pre-trial detention center with statements that I am in a critical situation, reported about it to workers the Organized Crime Control Department. Especially as one dead man from here already is, and a pre-trial detention center now - the commercial organization, for money any issue including transition from the camera in the camera", - was emphasized by him here is resolved.

Nesterov answered a question of how it estimates the chances to remain live in the circumstances:

"On criminal concepts I am already doomed - that cooperated with the authorities, and the one who here sent me, perfectly knew it".

It is known that Nesterov is the main thing accused in the matter of "werewolves" - a gang which, according to the investigators, I directed ex-the officer the Organized Crime Control Department Igor Goncharov and which kidnapped and killed people.


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