Kiva "enchantingly" was advertized before elections in Kherson: I have expelled the porter and I have imposed with mats police

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In Kherson the former head of Department of counteraction of narcocrime of National police Ilya Kiva on June 25 during the election campaign in the Verkhovna Rada «in a neck» I have expelled the porter from the hostel down the street of Petrenko.

About it there is a speech in the plot published on «YouTube» - channel «Kherson LIFE».

So, Kivu which stands for parliament on the Kherson district residents of the hostel have invited «to bring order» , as, according to them, control over the building was taken by malefactors who don't allow them to live normally. Kiva has arrived to the hostel, has thrown out on the street of the porter, has broken out surveillance cameras and has sworn at the police officer of whom residents have complained.

- The district police officer, you шо don't see that the bastard sits? From on the person it isn't visible that it sits the bastard, - Kiva has told about the porter, addressing the police officer.–Шо at you women cry? Why it at you on a site?. You have mother? The wife is? Children, ** ть, are? You know шо, ** ть, and at me is! If I have seen it in the, ** ть, the house…S*ka. To stand, a mug such отъесть.

- With enemies of the people to work under the war law–rigidly and implicitly, - Kiva summarized.

We will remind, elections on the 183-m district will take place in Kherson on July 17 because his representative - Andrey Gordeev - became the head of the Kherson regional state administration.

We will add that after dismissal from Department of narcopolice Kiva declared that I have decided to enter the National Guard, but as we see, I have gone not to serve, and at elections. 

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