The Russian is afraid that the Crimea becomes not only a health resort, but also the international hempy granary

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The international drug mafia intends to use the Crimea as the raw appendage delivering narcotic raw materials.

The deputy minister of internal affairs of Ukraine reported about it today at a briefing for journalists - the chief of General Directorate of Ministry of Internal Affairs in ARC Gennady Moskal.

"The Crimea is on the threshold of big trouble, and I am afraid that we didn't turn into Colombia or into Afghanistan", - the Russian told. He reported that right after its appointment to the post of the chief of the Crimean militia the operational information that "the international criminal groups elected the Crimea as object for marihuana disembarkation" started arriving. "The first to check this information, we took Kirovsky district where 1200 employees of militia were pulled together, generally operational structure, - the Russian told. - In spite of the fact that information filtered, in one day on Saturday 673 bushes of marihuana with a gross weight more than 2 tons were found in Kirovsky district and worth more than 15 million hryvnias today" September 12.

The chief of the Crimean militia emphasized that the potion withdrawn by militiamen - "it not our hemp Ukrainian, and the Dutch marihuana which is delivered here in sunflower seeds, is grown up at first in pots, and then was grown up in greenhouses". Height of bushes reaches from 3 to 5 meters. From each such tree it is possible to get to 20 thousand hryvnias of net profit (the marihuana glass in the black market in the Crimea costs today more than 2-2,5 thousand UAH).

According to the Russian, earlier marihuana delivered to Ukraine, generally from the Asian countries, but in this case it is a question of other "project". "The matter is that so many narcosubstances aren't necessary even for support of a drug addiction of that contingent which is on the account not only in the Crimea, but also in Ukraine. That is sowed in the Crimea, can be used where - that for 20-25 percent in domestic market. The rest goes out of borders of Ukraine or out of limits in general Europe", - the chief of the Crimean militia told.

The Russian reported that criminal case "concerning an organized criminal group is brought now and active search and investigative actions on establishment guilty" will be conducted.The head of the Crimean militia also expressed a regret because some farms and the autonomy population, "without having work, pecked on all this, built big greenhouses and big fences that 3-5 meter bushes" weren't visible. "It is possible to tell that we withdrew 5% of that was. 95% before our arrival are rooted out", - the Russian complained.

The chief of the Crimean militia also noted that behind this project there are "criminal groups, which outside the Crimea". "They used a fertile field, warm climate and, say, conditions where marihuana can grow as it grows in those countries where it traditionally grow up", - he told.

"We won't allow that the Crimea became with all its political, geopolitical and other troubles also became a raw appendage for marihuana cultivation", - the Russian promised.


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