The lawyer Gongadze suspects that between GPU and Pukachem is arrangements

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Miroslava GONGADZE Valentina TELICHENKO suspects Advocaat that between a consequence and being chief of Head department of criminal investigation department of Department of external supervision of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Alexey PUKACHEM there are arrangements within which the consequence forms business against it.

As the correspondent of the UNIAN reports, about this V. TELICHENKO told today on a press - conferences in Kiev.

"I suspect, and, unfortunately, for this purpose there are bases that in the night of July 22 (day of detention of A.PUKAChA) any frame agreements between a consequence and the general of PUKAChEM were reached. Within these arrangements further the consequence forms business which soon, likely, will be brought to trial", - she told.

The lawyer hopes that, taking into account A.PUKAChA recognition extremely important accused, the Supreme Court will allow to apply the maximum term of the contents it under guards of-18 months.

V. TELICHENKO also considers that the appropriate law enforcement agencies "absolutely really" can keep A.PUKAChU life.

According to her, A.PUKACh very much was afraid that it can shoot during detention allegedly for attempt to escape.

"He understood that to the present power he the most convenient - mute, that is the killed", - was told by the lawyer.

According to V. TELICHENKO, after detention of A.PUKAChA big-time politics and speculation" that he will tell during interrogations began ".

"If PUKAChA condemn and will send to serve sentence, but it thus won't tell names of the real customers, it will be able to blackmail politicians" further, - the lawyer considers.

"Look that the Prosecutor General's Office does: she agrees with Nikolay MELNICHENKO some years, with detained PUKAChEM, I don't know with whom else she agrees, probably, with that to whom also charge isn't brought", - V. TELICHENKO told.

UNIAN reference. G. Gongadze's murder was committed in the fall of 2000.On March 15, 2008 the Appellate court of Kiev found guilty of murder of the journalist of three former employees of Department of external supervision and criminal investigation of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine - Valery KOSTENKO, Nikolay PROTASOV and Alexander POPOVIC, and appointed by it punishment in the form of imprisonment from 12 to 13 years. One more accused - the former chief of Head department of criminal investigation department of Department of external supervision of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of A.PUKACh - was wanted since 2005.

On July 21 of this year in Molochki's village of the Chudnovsky region of the A.PUKACh Zhitomir area it was detained.

After its detention the vice-chairman of SBU Vasily GRITSAK reported that A.PUKACh called customers of murder of G. Gongadze and promised to show to investigators a place where there is a head of the journalist.


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