In Pervomaisk the inadequate man swung at a stop the gun

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On September 10 on one of stops of public transport in Pervomaisk the Nikolaev area inspectors of GAI detained the dangerous hooligan.

As reports TsOS Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Nikolaev area, the man was drunk. With the gun and a knife it made advances in hands to militiamen, thus loudly shouted.

Having seen the armed man, the staff of GAI reacted at once and started it pursuing. Drunk I started running away, but militiamen overtook it and detained.

It is investigative - task force which arrived to an event place, I established that the weapon which is withdrawn from the detainee, belongs to samples of the traumatic. However examination drew the conclusion that the gun is skillfully remade for firing by fighting cartridges of the ninth caliber.

From the detainee except the gun with a full holder it is withdrawn also a knife which belongs to category of a cold weapon. The malefactor already repeatedly had problems with the law. He muffledly, but told that the weapon is allegedly a gift from his grandmother.

Besides, he refused to provide to militiamen the biographical particulars. For this time his personality is identified.

Upon storage of firearms criminal case is brought. Also the personality of the handyman who yuvelirno remade the device of traumatic action in the deadly weapon is identified.


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