In Nikolayevshchina two pensioners couldn't divide the woman. Murder

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More than six years Mikhail and Nadezhda, to each of which already was for 50, lived in marriage. Quarrels between them, as well as in other families, were, but as a rule, everything came to an end with reconciliation.

But at once, Nadezhda, without having sustained insults, I left from the house and I found a haven at the neighbor to whom for that time 70 years were already executed. Nikolay, some years as the widower, was happy with such surprise - the hostess, the most alien to his house. Having come round, Mikhail tried to return the wife, but everything was vain. At first the woman simply refused to come back, but over time already was afraid because Nikolay already didn't release her. Everything suited the old man. To hold near itself the woman who is nearly 20 years younger than it, he solved by means of threats. It proceeded for half a year.

But in one of days Nadezhda came back home and reconciled with the husband, but they didn't find a common language. In the same evening to them furious Nikolay broke into the house and, threatening with punishment, started demanding from the woman that she returned to it. Mikhail didn't endure such inconsiderate behavior, beat it and threw out it from the house.

On it passions in a love triangle didn't end. Nikolay again returned after a while, only now armed with the fowling piece. Having rushed into the room, Nikolay, threatening with the weapon, I ordered to Nadezhda to return to it. To Mikhail such state of affairs already cloyed. He seized the old man by a gun and force brought him to the yard.

It wasn't so simple to tear out the weapon at the neighbor. Strong Nikolay showed resistance and in a rush of anger managed to press a trigger. One shot was made in air, on the second trunk there was a misfire.

Shots in the yard angered Mikhail. Having snatched out a gun at the opponent, the man started beating them Nikolay on the head. At first I beat a butt. And I beat so that the gun scattered on part. In Mikhail's hands I remained only metal trunks from a gun with which he continued to strike blows. From the received damages Nikolay died on the spot.

At present further trial is carried out. Punishment for the man will define court.


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