Lutsenko told about the most secret part of frauds

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Currency auctions - the most closed part of financial frauds, declares the Minister of Internal Affairs Yury Lutsenko.

"It is the most closed part of process of financial frauds. Despite our numerous inquiries, we never received information on when and as passed currency auctions", - he told in interview "to the Kommersant - Ukraine".

"As far as I know, though I can't warrant for reliability of these data, only five persons in the state know this information", - Lutsenko added.

The minister noted that many bankers on the condition of anonymity say to him that "these auctions are carried out with rough violation of the rules".

"That is bulk of currency bidders, and the banks defined by someone which receive huge currency resources at the end of auction work receive not. And then, without having any currency obligations to foreign partners, resell literally during the night these resources with a price markup in one hryvnia", - Lutsenko told.

"The question for whom it is necessary and why it occurs, isn't in right area. Obviously, it is more political question", - he noted.

He is afraid that at this stage "law enforcement agencies hardly will be able to ascertain someone's guilt".

"It is very similar to a surgery: well who will be able to establish, whether the surgeon at this or that moment of operation correctly acted? Whether correctly it turned a scalpel and applied this or that clip? In the same way and in National Bank: to estimate correctness of volumes of the currency exposed at auctions from the point of view of the Criminal code, hardly it will be possible", - I compared Lutsenko.

"From my point of view, politicians have to give an assessment, and specifically president which the only is authorized to appoint and oust the National Bank management", - considers the Interior Minister.

"Therefore if bankers don't give accurate evidences on frauds when carrying out currency auctions, hardly we will be able to prove something", - he recognized.

On a question, whether those are ready to give such evidences, Lutsenko answered: "Ask any banker this question. I think, the answer is obvious".

"Any bank today extremely we depend on NBU management.It is enough to look at the refinancing list - and we will understand that practically all banking system of the country depends on the subjective decision which can or prolong to someone life, or stop bank existence", - the minister explained.


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