Lutsenko received the false deputy address

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The head of department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Ternopol area Vitaly MAKSIMOV declares that against it write false deputy addresses.

As the correspondent of the UNIAN reports, during yesterday's a press - conferences V. MAKSIMOV reported that past week the People's Deputy, the chairman of the regional organization of the Ukrainian people's party Yaroslav DZHODZHIK addressed to the Minister of Internal Affairs Yury LUTSENKO. In the address of the deputy abuses which are allegedly revealed in regional management of militia and which the chairman of the regional state administration Yury CHIZHMAR repeatedly declared were described.

According to V. MAKSIMOV, for check of the facts given in the address of the deputy, at the end of the past week from the Ministry of Internal Affairs there had to arrive the commission as a part of workers of internal security.

"However during conversation with Yaroslav DZHODZHIK we found out that it didn't send any inquiries, and the signature under the inquiry which has arrived in the ministry, doesn't coincide with the signature of the People's Deputy. Therefore criminal case upon forgery" was brought at once, - V. MAKSIMOV reported.

According to the chief of militia, two months ago when he was on the holiday, the similar address was received by the Ministry of Internal Affairs from other People's Deputy.

"The prosecutor's office then carried out an inspection, but subsequently it became clear that that нардеп didn't write inquiry. Then we passed it, but now we will precisely get to the bottom who fabricated inquiry and who compromises People's Deputies and the Ternopol militia. Because the cynicism of some measures directed against me, already reached a limit", - V. MAKSIMOV told.

In turn, Ya.DZhODZhIK confirmed to the correspondent of the UNIAN the fact of a fake of its signature under the deputy address. "Under that complaint about Vitaly MAKSIMOV'S allegedly zloupotreblenikh at a position held by it there is not my signature. With such questions in general nobody addressed to me. As the document counterfeit, I asked guards to establish those who made this forgery", - reported Ya.DZhODZhIK. Thus he added, what not no concept has who could from his name послад the false deputy address.

As reported the UNIAN, at the beginning of August Yu.ChIZhMAR declared numerous violations in MREO work when carrying out technical inspection of cars and asked prosecutor's office to check activity of regional management of the State traffic inspectorate. Also the chairman Ternopolskoy YEAH declared that addressed to the prime minister - to the minister Yulia TYMOSHENKO with a request guide a law and order in area.

According to the governor, MREO used intermediary structures when carrying out checkup of cars, and citizens were compelled to pay for this service much more means, than is established by the state.

After Yu.ChIZhMAR I reported that in area some criminal cases on the facts of abuses in regional MREO are brought.

On September 8 the chairman YEAH repeatedly appealed to the prime minister to take under personal control a situation in area law-enforcement bodies, and to guarantee adequate response to the revealed violations.

In particular, in the address he reported about "voluntary - compulsory" contributions to the Pravoporyadok fund created by the former employees of management of militia, about misappropriation to the chief of regional management of GAI of ranks of the lieutenant colonel and the militia colonel (on August 28, 2009 on prosecutor's office representation these ranks are cancelled by the order of the Minister of Internal Affairs - the UNIAN), about illegal providing access to private structures to departmental information bases which have a signature stamp "For office using", for the purpose of obtaining the income from the paid services which cost twice, and is sometimes three times higher, than for similar services in the next areas.


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