The judge - a milloner: me forced "to celebrate need in an office"

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The ex-the judge of the Lvov appellate administrative court Igor ZVARYCh regards excitement against it criminal case as political punishment of "our Ukraine" headed by the President Victor YUSHCHENKO.

He told about it in interview "To the newspaper on - Kiev" (No. 184 of October 2).

Answering a question as it estimates the criminal case brought against it, I.ZVARYCh told: "As political punishment of "our Ukraine" led by YUSHCHENKO SBU and State Office of Public Prosecutor hands over the inconvenient head of court, whose jurisdiction extends on eight areas of Ukraine and which hears political cases".

Ex-the judge noted that his business arose in peak of political instability in Ukraine - elections in the Verkhovna Rada ended with fall of 2007 and in the fall 2008-го the country was expected again by early parliamentary elections and future presidential. According to him, on key posts of the power the checked people were necessary, and it didn't treat the such.

"Therefore didn't involve court in adventure - return of debts to creditors of "our Ukraine" for their deposits to elective campaign 2007-го in the form of judgments about fixing of lands to them. Of me got rid in the way checked at the time of Stalin - brought criminal case", - he told.

Answering specifying question, in what lawsuits from it demanded "the positive decision", I.ZVARYCh told that the main requirement to it as to the head of court - fixing by the decision of appellate court of thousands of hectares of the earth, forest grounds in resort districts for politicians, deputies, businessmen. The "correct" solution of the affairs connected with elections in the Verkhovna Rada, local councils, future presidential elections - the following category of requirements. One more concerns the affairs connected with placement of personnel on key positions in areas", - declared ex-the judge.

Also I.ZVARYCh declared that the staff of the State Office of Public Prosecutor and SBU scoffed at it. "on December 3, 2008 me about 10 hours held and forced to celebrate natural needs for an office! he said.

Answering a question, whether he will seek political asylum in the West in case of a justificatory judgment, And.ZVARYCh told that prepared appeals to the international organizations accredited in Ukraine, and separate addresses to ambassadors. "Basis: the threat sounded, in particular, by the head of SBU by VALENTYN NALYVAICHENKO in Lviv in August 2009-го. To me threatened: if I protect myself in vessels, I should protect not only, and and members of my family - the wife, the son - from prosecutions. If the such happens, I will be compelled to address in the European community", - told ex-the judge.

On a question, whether broke it in a pre-trial detention center, I.ZVARYCh told: "While I am kept in the camera, SBU, by GPU, jailers can make at any time with me everything that will want. I am absolutely defenseless, as well as my family: the wife threaten to discharge from office if it doesn't give the "necessary" proofs for a so-called consequence".

According to him, investigators of prosecutor's office will illegally confiscate property of his son. "Family members watch, listen, quick employees of SBU spy. As for mockeries, in case papers there is a conclusion of forensic scientists where all beating is recorded", - added I.ZVARYCh.

As reported the UNIAN, at the end of 2008 the State Office of Public Prosecutor brought criminal case against for that time of the chairman of Appellate administrative court of Lviv of I.ZVARYChA for bribery in especially large sizes.

During searches in a place of work and accommodation of the presiding judge and six judges Lvov appeal админсуда the staff of SBU and the State Office of Public Prosecutor withdrew 1 million US dollars and 2 million UAH

On September 4, the Appellate court of the city of Kiev on granting the State Office of Public Prosecutor prolonged the term of stay of I.ZVARYChA under guards from 6 to 9 months - till December 10 of this year


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