G. Russian: Humiliating for the Crimean deputies to sit near the criminal

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Gennady Moskal in the middle of August againit was appointed the chief of the Crimean militia. We will remind that it is the second time when Gennady Gennadevich comes to the peninsula as his chief militiaman. He had to head Crimean the Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs from 1997 to 2000 when the Crimea was considered as very criminogenic zone. Both central, and the regional press writes about campaign successfully carried out by it then for peninsula cleaning from local organized criminal groups.

In one and a half months of the management of the Crimean central board RussianI managed to tell the namespubliclythree criminal authorities which sit in the Crimean parliament, and I declared that the chairman of the Crimean parliament Anatoly Gritsenko of these deputies supports.morehe asked the public prosecutorto cancel the resolution on closing of the criminal case which person involved is one more Crimean deputy Alexander Melnik, and I caught in Spain the probable murderer vice-the prime minister of the Crimea Alexander Safontsev, the victim from bomb explosion in 1998.

Mister Moskal answered UNIAN questions.

Gennady Gennadiyevich, the organized criminal groups "Salem", "Boots" raging in the Crimea in 1990-x, is already history of a domestic criminal genre, or they are present at peninsula life?

It is the past. But people from this the past sit today in the Crimean power and hold there very important posts, influence processes on the peninsula. The crime got into authorities, became deeper. And authorities got patrons in Kiev.

And what legal types of business they own, what control?

Sale of land, real estate, construction, trade …

Alexander Melnik, the deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea against whom you want to resume criminal case, says that all criminal cases against it are invented by you. And that you settle with it scores. He says that initiation of legal proceedings against it has political character …

I always spoke and I speak, since that 1997 when I carried out work on organized criminal group elimination in the Crimea that he will be responsible for everything that made. He was one of leaders of an organized criminal group. It is involved in a number of crimes, both in the nature, and in the world everything is so arranged - the good wins. Therefore he will be responsible for everything. Also it is enormous mistake of Party of Regions to trust the image, the party construction to the person with the criminal past. In one of last year's interviews his "colleague" Ruvim Aronov too said that supposedly all the lie, but sits now in Odessa at road accident, andfor the rest will sit too.

And Alexander Melnik says that in rough 90-е years he was engaged in honest business, headed Kardinal agency which dealt with a problem of a non-return of the bank credits, insured cars, apartments …

What honest business? What insurance? It is criminal authority, you understand? I am ready to be responsible for the words before hundred vessels, including European. I consider humiliating for honest Crimean deputies to sit in one sessional hall with the criminal. I many times spoke to "regionals", withdraw the deputy - so it is impossible. Your voter shouldn't see that you include in the list of people about whom inhabitants of the Crimea speak with shudder. Don't listen - they don't hand over "".

And on how many episodes there passes the deputy Melnik in your department? I, пошерстив the Internet, counted four.

What's the odds? Even if there would be one. The person having such past, shouldn't be in power. And what now occurs? It crushed under itself(himself) everything. The speaker of the Crimean parliament Gritsenko is his shadow, its forehead becomes covered then when it is called by Melnik. The mayor of Simferopol Babenko isn't capable to sign even the consignment note for a usual mop without Melnik's consent.

But I want to remind that in 2006 Melnik already "took".And after three days of stay in a pre-trial detention center let out.

Unfortunately, I wasn't then the chief of the Crimean central board. I worked in Lugansk.

I heard that for Melnik then "regionals" actively fought. And as in the fall of 2006 it was a question of creation of the wide coalition in parliament with participation WELL - NANOSECOND and Party of Regions, the Secretariat had to make concessions to regionals and to let out Melnik.

You know, I never will understand how it is possible to make concessions of this sort. Yes, politicians can and have to agree among themselves, but they have no right to agree with criminals. Have no right - and all. It is an axiom. I want to remember 1997 when I was engaged in organized criminal group elimination in the Crimea at the President to Kuchma.

I at any time could call Kuchma, the minister Kravchenko, the head of administration Litvin, the public prosecutor. All were interested in it. The matter is that in 90-x we couldn't carry out the international summits in the Crimea. Heads of powers refused to go there as their investigations not unreasonably I considered the Crimea by the Ukrainian "Chicago". Why Kravchuk there hadn't a rest? There even presidents were afraid to go... And therefore targeting in the Crimea of an order became for the Ukrainian power a point of honor.

And what now occurs? From me demand to hand over the mandate to deprive of inviolability, and then the Secretariat is ready to meet requirements of "regionals" and to suspend about my appointment. And all because the criminals obtained patrons in Kiev.

I read about that your Crimean war much. But wrote that, having put and having dispersed this public, you didn't take very many heads of an organized criminal group, they ran away - who from the country who from the Crimea, - and then began to come back slowly.

Yes, it is the truth. But it not depended on me. When me translated from the Crimea, I talked to the late minister internal Kravchenko's sense: here works for one and a half years, I would like to finish. And he told: without you will finish. But anything, the end isn't put to this Crimean war yet. All victims, not detected crimes while guilty of these victims don't face court aren't found yet.

Wrote that in 90-x in one of an organized criminal group about one thousand two hundred people were. What, you will put all?

Those who survived, will answer in court.Mothers who have lost sons, the children who have lost fathers, the wives who have lost husbands, have the right to know how their native person was lost, and have to believe that the state will protect them. I consider that we have to remember all victims of the Crimean criminal war. And unless only Crimean? At the beginning of 90-x such wars were waged and in other regions.

Recently Victor Yanukovych discharged of the management and expelled the head of the Crimean regional organization Vasily Kiselyov from party.Vasily Kiselyovdeclaresthat on it attempt and that Melnik …
ordered it allegedly prepared

Vasily Kiselyov's first time ordered in 1997. And his today's statement has under itself the bases.

And Melnik calls it nonsense. Says that Kiselyov revenges it because that refused to lobby construction of the gas pipeline in which Kiselyov's enterprise was engaged.

And here it already nonsense. Kiselyov lives for a deputy salary. Let good salary. But it doesn't have anything. I in many respects don't share its views, but on - human I understand it. After all he created the regional organization of Party of Regions at the difficult moment. Then Yanukovych yet wasn't a prime minister. And to see that the party structure now created by you give in a charge unclear to whom - difficult.

Tell, whether had continuationhistory, when on August 9this year the deputy Melnik beat at stadium during Sergey Tkachenko's football match?

The history took place, about it wrote much. According to the statement of the arbitrator criminal case is brought. But to the judge at first made the diagnosis, and then quickly discharged from hospital. We didn't begin to do a forensic medical examination in the Crimea, now we wait when we will receive the decision from the Kiev republican bureau of examinations. And there it not quickly, there big turn, and this business not so urgent that to break it.

Tell, there passed information that in Spain caught the person suspected of murder vice-the prime minister of the Crimea Alexander Safontsev in 1998. It is known that some days before murder Safontsev was registered by the candidate for the Verkhovna Rada of the Crimea on the same constituency, as the present speaker Gritsenko. This suspect already gives evidences?

Question of an extradition in the course of the decision. I will tell you the truth:the version about that could eliminate Safontsev from - for his refusal to withdraw the candidacy on elections, us at first wasn't considered at all. Anything checked, but it didn't allow. And now it was necessary when found out who in a ballot box put explosive who put the mechanism in action. I then in day of murder had to go with Safontsev to hotel. We were going to come to it in hotel together and together to appear near that ballot box. But I at first stopped by in a central board, it was necessary which - what put to settle. Therefore I here live and talk to you and therefore for me to investigate it - a point of honor. I talk to you, and on a table before eyes the certificate of its registration as the candidate on the fifth constituency lies.

Tell, and what problem in the Crimea you consider as the sharpest?

Except everything about what we just spoke, rather sharp there is a problem of the pro-Russian moods. It with what it is necessary to work.

Well, how to work with them if FSB works with them?

It is necessary to work. Kuchma in stay by the President regularly met Tatars, listened to their requests, distributed instructions. These instructions often weren't carried out, but Tatars were very happy. Here and here it is necessary to meet activists of the Russian movement. To ask them: what do you want? You want the Russian abc-book - receive. You want reprinting of Chekhov or Dostoyevsky in Russian - receive. Perhaps in Ukrainian someone understands Dostoyevsky's philosophy worse... I am sure that these people love the earth, and it is possible to work with them. If didn't love - long ago would go according to the resettlement program to Russia.

Only whom I would forbid, it is the Hizb — Ut — Tahrir organization. If people want to build the Islamic state the Caliphate, let will take in the desert a piece of the earth as Israel, and build. In Ukraine it isn't necessary.

In Kiev without you it is lonely. Nobody monitors reliability of diplomas of the management of SBU …

I here wanted the deputy head of SBU Andrey Kislinsky to advise. You would be registered on the Internet on social networks and asked classmates to come to a meeting near SBU. If I appeared in "contacts" and invited my classmates to come to a meeting, would come. Well though to steam of people - and from Railway technical school from which I graduated, and from Ministry of Internal Affairs Academy... And Andrey everything can't guess in any way.Here also leaves that the SBU instead of to be engaged in spies, to protect statehood, Pukacha looks for, now, probably, Lozinsky will look for … Quickly - search work it is important, but it not a profile of intelligence services. They not really it are able. Also I ask to remember, how many time I in last years said that Pukach is live - is healthy.

Gennady Gennadevich, and you believe, what this time you will manage to finish all these criminal cases?

A lot of things will depend on an outcome of presidential election and further personnel shifts. Here I speak to fellow countrymen: you vote eighteen years in a row, and then you abuse the elected power. If now not so you vote, it will be already necessary not to change the power, and the voter.

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