The militia detained the second killer who has shot the owner of the Kiev supermarket

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Yesterday in Chernyakhovsk the region of Zhitomir area the killer who killed the co-owner of the Forum supermarket and two fighters of special forces "Titan" was detained. It is suspected of the crime order - the Russian thief in law Merab.

About it today journalists were reported by the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Yury Lutsenko.

"Yesterday we managed to detain other killer in the territory of the Chernyakhovsk region of Zhitomir area. In the same place his cohabitant who was taking part in preparation of a crime and which gave evidences who developed (crime) as prepared and who ordered" was detained, - he told.

Thus Yu. Lutsenko noted that also after received information the Ukrainian militia has the detailed bases to suspect that this crime was ordered by the Russian thief in law stated above.

The minister added that for his detention he personally signed the telegram to the minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia with a request in assistance to the staff of central office of management on fight against organized crime who left in the Russian Federation for rendering to the colleagues of the advisory help.

Continuing a subject, Yu. Lutsenko told that now thanks to the received indications, a consequence extortion attempt at the lost co-owner of a supermarket about 20 million dale has rather full picture of a crime the basis for which were business - dismantlings, in particular.

Also the minister reported that the lost businessman long time was under protection of fighters of special forces "Titan" and Public service of protection at the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.

At the same time, answering a question, whether earlier lost co-owner of "Forum" Shabab Aloyan in militia with information on possible threat to his health or life, Yu. Lutsenko addressed told that guards knew that it has a business - the conflict, there is a misunderstanding with colleagues on an ethnic group (with Kurds), with the Russian colleagues. But, as for the reasons which could become the murder order, Sh. Aloyan didn't report about them to anybody, even to the security guards though under the terms of the contract on providing protection to it it was obliged to make it.

Also it is now established that in one and a half days prior to murder the suspect of the order of a crime of nearly 30 minutes spoke with the victim by phone.

As Yu. Lutsenko if his security guards knew about danger existence assured, they would undertake a maximum possible that to avoid it.

Yu. Lutsenko considers what exactly these can explain that fact that in day of attack both security guards were without bullet-proof vests.

At the same time the minister highly appreciated their actions, having noted that despite unexpected attack of killers, fighters of "Titan" undertook at most from them depending that to protect with any image the person whom protected.

Besides, hard wounded senior militia lieutenant Vladimir Isay could lying let out all holder from the gun in the second killer who was in the car, was wounded, detained, but then died in hospital.

Unfortunately, during attack the passerby (whose bullet got to it, the minister didn't specify) got a slight bullet wound of a hip.

Now the victim is in hospital.

Speaking about killers, Yu. Lutsenko informed that the first of them the citizen of Armenia Ara Aganesyan, the second if to trust his passport data, the citizen of Russia David Levin.

The minister expressed confidence that guilty of execution of the businessman of the person will incur cruel punishment.

Summing up told, Yu. Lutsenko expressed belief that the Russian colleagues will give the Ukrainian militia necessary help for detention of the customer of murder.

"I don't doubt, as the Russian colleagues have an array of information concerning this person, and they are also interested in cooperation. Besides, according to arrangements on legal aid, our Russian colleagues are obliged to satisfy our request on detention of the suspect", - Yu. Lutsenko told.

As it was reported, on October 2 in Kiev on Okruzhnaya Road unknown shot the owner of furniture shopping center "Forum" and its protection.

The owner of shopping center died from gunshot wounds in hospital. Two his security guards - the staff of special forces of the Ministry of Internal Affairs "Titan" died on the spot armed attack.

Forwards disappeared on two cars one of which got subsequently into accident and died in one of capital hospitals.

The Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Kiev region brought for this fact criminal case.


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