Yury Lutsenko: The militia keeps a situation under control and bloody 90-ые won't return

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The Minister of Internal Affairs Yury Lutsenko assured the public that the militia keeps a situation with law and order protection in Ukraine under control, and bloody 90-ые years won't return. "The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine is able to control a situation, is capable to provide inevitable punishment to each of those who tries to make active criminal calls to the Ukrainian citizens. At the same time I would like to declare that any words about helplessness of militia, about chaos on streets, about return bloody 90-x have under themselves no bases", - Yury Lutsenko told.

The minister noted that now foreign criminals who try to establish control over criminals in Ukraine really became more active. As an example - firing in Goloseevsky park in Kiev on September 11 and impudent custom-made murder of the co-owner of a supermarket last Friday when was lost two police officers. However in both of these cases of criminals who committed murders, are already detained. "It seems to me that criminal authorities from - for borders of Ukraine try to show the vsesilnost. In this situation any podygryvaniye, conversations on return 90-x years, conversations on impunity of crime and on bribability of the Ukrainian law-enforcement system are simply game on that, criminal, the party", - Yury Lutsenko considers.

According to the minister, the former head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Mikhail Korniyenko in one of interview declared that now "lawlessness" 90-x returned on the Ukrainian streets. Yu.Lutsenko noted that mister Korniyenko headed a capital central board of militia in 1997-99 when in the capital respectively 44, 36 and 33 murders were made with firearms use, and unsolved those years there were respectively 24, 20 and 12 murders.For comparison - in 9 months of this year 11 similar crimes were committed, from them unsolved remained 4. "Therefore to intimidate people level of "lawlessness" 90-x isn't necessary. It is worth comprehending on pension why it wasn't capable neither as the chief of a capital central board, nor as the first deputy minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs to solve crimes of the previous period. Why at it thieves "in the law" freely felt in Ukraine. We didn't have it, isn't and won't be", - Yury Lutsenko assured.


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