Ukraine was covered by a wave of robberies of banks, the Privatbank was gathered "best of all" by the Nikolaev malefactors

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Such data provided in Public service of protection of Ukraine (GSO). The sums stolen in GSO don't know, bankers provide such data with a big reluctance. Proceeding from the published data, production of bank robbers in 2009 made about 1,5 million UAH, writes Business


From ATMs carry away more than

More than others banks suffer from criminal encroachments of robbers with the greatest branch network - Oshchadbank and Privatbank. And small offices of banks therefore the small sums were production of criminals were attacked generally.

Oshchadbank, judging by data of the open sources, lost the greatest sum in April, during attack on the collector car in Kharkov. Then robbers took away about 300 thousand UAH. In other cases "hunting" for offices of Oshchadbank brought to criminals from 1 to 60 thousand UAH. In total the state institution lost about 420 thousand UAH

Cumulative losses of Privatbank, according to open sources, made about 700 thousand UAH. The largest sums managed to be stolen to criminals who attacked not bank offices, and its ATMs. So, in July malefactors could open the financial establishment ATM in Nikolaev, having taken away from there about 220 thousand UAH. In September in the Lvov area by the same way 160 thousand UAH were stolen. The sums stolen during attacks on offices of Privatbank vary from 15 to 200 thousand UAH

In May Indeks - the bank lost owing to a robbery of 45 thousand UAH, in April of 43,5 thousand robbers carried away from Finance and Credit bank.

It is unprofitable to protect

Bankers explain such "small" catch of robbers with low limits for the remains in cash desks of small offices which are more often than others are attacked. "After a wave of robberies in last years banks significantly lowered the remains in cash desks. The main sum of cash is always stored in the safe", - the board member of Prominvestbank Vladislav Kravets tells.

According to the head of the analytical department of Foyil Securities investment company Agshin Mirzazade, it is possible to explain with small losses of banks unwillingness of some banking institutions to be spent for physical protection and a hardware small отд


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