In Nikolaev thefts from cars

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On June 23 with the statement in militia the pensioner 1957 that from his Infiniti car unknown, having broken glass addressed, stole 20 thousand UAH, 600 US dollars, a digital dictophone and documents.

On June 27 with the statement in militia the doctor, 1978 that in the afternoon from it and/m DEO LANOS which she left near at home on Radostnaya St., the unknown, having broken door glass addressed, stole 4 mobile phones and 3 thousand UAH

Really, thefts from cars are today a "sore" subject for motorists. From cars everything is stolen practically that is come into the view of the malefactor - autoradio tape recorders are dismantled, the bags left or forgotten on seats, man purses, a purse, mobile phones and other things get. All the matter is that to steal something from the car it is possible rather simply and thus very quickly. It installs feeling of the impunity in criminals.

There are two main ways to rob the car owner: to force the lock of a door or to break glass. Often theft is carried out in absence in the car of the driver. If the car isn't equipped with alarm system system, the skilled thief can open the lock with a hairpin, a knife, scissors, and even a metal line of everything in 15 seconds. Thefts are often made even in the presence of a big congestion of the people: thieves usually act so quietly and surely that people around simply suspect nothing. If the thief decided to break glass in the car parked in the yard, as a rule, to it even the alarm system doesn't become a barrier. While on it "howl" the owner will come running, the criminal during this interval of time will manage to make the "black" business and to disappear. And many foreign models of cars in general are equipped at manufacturer with such alarm system which reacts only to lock opening.

In the environment such thieves on a slang are called as "barsetochnik" as most often they steal from man purse cars in which there are documents, money and mobile phones. And their actions are so fulfilled to automatism and are impudent that theft happens literally for only a few seconds. The greatest distribution was gained by the following reception.The person approaches to the car and switches-off the alarm system. At this time he notices that the back left wheel is lowered. It leaves the man purse on a driver's seat and goes to a luggage carrier. Opens it and gets запаску, a jack and the necessary tool for replacement of the lowered wheel. These several seconds the thief has enough for implementation of the criminal intentions. One more way of derivation of attention of the motorist on any malfunction is the oil pool under a cowl of its parked car which there is added in advance by malefactors. While the puzzled owner of the car finds out, from where it could appear, thieves suffice a man purse and disappear.

And councils are rather simple. Leave the car only on the shined site of the street. Use paid parking since they are under protection. Leaving, be convinced that you closed windows and locked doors of the car. Surely equip the car with system of the alarm system and include it even in case you leave all on any few minutes. Always clean from car salon all subjects which can draw attention of the thief and provoke it to breaking. Close a gasoline tank cover. It not only will prevent gasoline theft, but in case of stealing will deprive of criminals of opportunity to fill the car. It is necessary to pay also attention that the part of victims often behaves incorrectly. Having found out that in the car glass is broken and from salon the property is stolen, the owner of the car clears salon of splinters and goes on the same car to police station, at all without suspecting that the it would seem quite "logical" actions, it destroyed traces of crime. Therefore if your car nevertheless robbed, you don't sit down at all in the car, and at once you call in militia. In a word be extremely vigilant!


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