Nikolayevets on hands have 20 448 units of hunting firearms

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On October 12 - 17-I anniversary of creation of service of an authorization system of Ukraine.Comments of the head of department of an authorization system of management of public safety of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area of the militia majorNikora Vladimir Vladimirovichon the occasion of 17-й anniversaries of creation of service of an authorization system of Ukraine, provided TsOS Regional Departments of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Nikolaev area.

- What is the authorization system of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, it is known to all who has any relation to the weapon. And here, which historical prerequisites of creation of this service exist, whether there is in general at it a history?

- Weapon use by the civilian population always provided control over it from government institutions. It was for this purpose created, in - the first, a certain legal base which caused special rules concerning use of the weapon and defined category of persons on whom these rules extend. In - the second, a certain structure which focused in itself executive state function on observance of these rules was created.

In the 19th century in the world the system of registration of the weapon which is available for citizens, and deliveries of permissions to use by his those persons which meet the certain requirements established by rules was created. In the Russian Empire to which the most part of the territory of Ukraine entered, there was a special department, whose functions can be compared to an authorization system which exists now.

After events of 1917 and the beginning of civil war control over the weapon which was on hands at the population, was lost. With establishment of the Soviet power in Ukraine there was a row standardly - legal acts where it was noted that control functions over weapon handling are assigned to bodies of militia.Documents directly specified that delivery of permissions, control over observance of rules of use of the weapon are assigned to bodies is working - country militia which carries out the accounting of the weapon which is in population using, and also the withdrawn weapon which was transferred to the order of government institutions.

The decree of Council of People's Commissars of July 12, 1920 "About delivery and storage of firearms and the treatment of him" provided what to store and use the weapon persons to whom this right is provided by the decree of December 18, 1918, and party members irrespective of a post have the right of the personality to which it is authorized by the nature of activity (military, militia and so forth), and also. In all other cases the weapon was given only according to the decision of the extraordinary commissions.

It agrees with SNK decree of July 28, 1920 "About hunting" the hunting weapon had the right to use only persons who had the hunting ticket.

Subsequently in 1924 and 1938 resolutions of VTsIK and SNK USSR which concerned weapon delivery to the population in which it was provided were adopted that the militia will give out special permissions to using the weapon, and in the absence of such permissions it is necessary to withdraw its (weapon) from the population. During this period at the level of the Criminal code the responsibility for violation of rules of possession, storage and using the weapon was established.

By the Central Election Commission and SNK "About Measures of Fight against Hooliganism" resolution of May 29, 1935 production, storage, sale and carrying daggers, the Finnish knifes, other cold weapon without the permission of bodies of militia was forbidden.

The resolution SNK USSR of July 21, 1935 ordered opening shtempelno - engraving sites, production of the seals and stamps.

For the purpose of establishment of a uniform order of acquisition of hunting firearms on July 3, 1975 Council of ministers of the USSR the resolution "About Establishment of a Uniform Order of Acquisition, the Account and Storage of Hunting Firearms" was accepted. According to this resolution the realization of the weapon is enabled only with the permission of law-enforcement bodies.

- By what regulations of the state in the activity the authorization system is guided today?

- For this time control over observance by legal entities and individuals of an established order of production, acquisition, storage, the account, transportation and use of the weapon carries out the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. It carries out this function on the basis of the Law of Ukraine "About militia" and resolutions of the Cabinet of Ukraine of October 12, 1992 No. 576 "About the adoption of Provision on an authorization system", and also others is standard - legal acts. Thus date of adoption of the resolution by the Cabinet of Ukraine - on October 12, 1992, is considered "Day of an authorization system of law-enforcement bodies of Ukraine".

According to noted the highest Situation, an authorization system is a special order of production, acquisition, storage, transportation, the account and use of specially certain subjects, materials and substances, and also opening and functioning of the separate enterprises, workshops and laboratories for the purpose of protection of interests of the state and safety of citizens.

- Which establishment controls weapon handling what is in property of citizens? Activity of guards in this direction is how exactly carried out?

- In Ministry structure for implementation of an authorization system management of an authorization system and licensing which works as a part of Department of public safety is created, will organize work of local structures of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. In managements of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in areas departments of an authorization system as a part of managements of public safety are created.

The main task of law-enforcement bodies is prevention of commission of crimes with use of the weapon which is in private use of citizens and is stored and used on objects of an authorization system (collection, the VOHR teams, forest protection and so forth). Therefore delivery of permissions is that lever which regulates this situation. Practical questions of control of the population which owns the weapon, the exception of the weapon is solved by employees of law-enforcement bodies who work in an authorization system, service of local militia inspectors, other divisions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

- Than today there lives service?

- For today in the Nikolaev area control over the address of the weapon is exercised by 30 employees of divisions of an authorization system. 43 objects with the weapon on which 1974 units of firearms are stored and used, 4 structures with explosive materials, 25 other objects of an authorization system, 16 313 citizens - owners of hunting firearms at which in using of 20 448 units of the weapon are a state for October 1, 2009 on their account.

Officials who work in an authorization system of law-enforcement bodies, in certain days accept citizens (at least 3 times a week). They exercise control over observance of the established rules and in case of violations give the instruction to heads of the enterprises and establishments, warn citizens.

Employees of militia for performance of the functional duties connected with activity of an authorization system, have the right: to examine the weapon and ammunition, rooms in which they are stored, to get acquainted with storage conditions of special means of individual protection and active defense.


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