GPU refused to provide to Vlasenko's byutovets documents on "Mezhigorye"

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The Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine refused to provide to the deputy from BYuT Sergey VLASENKO documents on the property right to the land plot in Mezhigorye's natural boundary.

About it there is a speech in the answer of the Deputy the public prosecutor Victor KUDRYAVTSEV which text has the UNIAN.

The deputy public prosecutor explained the decision with lack of legal grounds for S. Vlasenko's granting of the present documents.

S. Vlasenko is the member of Temporary commission of inquiry of the Verkhovna Rada concerning investigation of circumstances of illegal detention on April 6, 2005 the Head investigative department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine for that time of the chairman of Donetsk regional council Boris KOLESNIKOV, the contents it under guards, and also excitement concerning it criminal case. He asked GPU to provide documents which certify the right for property legal or natural persons of the land plot located in the village of Novi Petrivtsi of the Vyshgorodsky region of Kiev region on Iván Franco St., 9 (a rest complex "Vodits's Dense forest" of "Mezhigorye's" natural boundary) for acquaintance.

In the answer V. KUDRYAVTSEV reminded that the decision of the Constitutional Court the law "About the Temporary Commissions of Inquiry, Special Commission of Inquiry and Temporary Commissions of Inquiry of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine" is recognized as the unconstitutional. "According to requirements p.1 Art. 7 of the Law of Ukraine "About prosecutor's office" intervention of public authorities and local governments, officials in activities of prosecutor's office for supervision of observance of laws or on the investigations containing signs of a crime, is forbidden. In view of stated and considering that the Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine on the specified materials carries out an inspection, to provide the present documents there are no legal grounds", - is spoken in V. KUDRYAVTSEV'S answer.

As reported the UNIAN, earlier members of BYuT fraction demanded from the State Office of Public Prosecutor to return originals of the documents certifying the property right of the land plot in the natural boundary of "Mezhigorye" in the village of Novi Petrivtsi of the Vyshgorodsky region of Kiev region. S. Vlasenko about it directed the corresponding address to the public prosecutor Alexander MEDVEDKO.As it is noted in the document, on September 2, 2009 the head of the parliamentary commission of investigation of circumstances of illegal arrest of the chairman of the Donetsk regional council B. Kolesnikov Nikolay the IRISH JIG withdrew originals of the documents certifying the property right of the land plot in the natural boundary of "Mezhigorye" from the chairman of the Vyshgorodsky district state administration. Now originals of these documents are in the Prosecutor General's Office.

On August 26 the Cabinet the party leader of regions Victor YANUKOVYCH made the decision on return to state ownership of the residence "Mezhgiorye" where lives ex-the prime minister - the minister. The cabinet charged to the Ministry of Justice to file a lawsuit the claim concerning return of the residence "Mezhigorye" to state ownership.

In turn, V. Yanukovych declared that on the lawful bases lives in the private house in the residence "Mezhigorye" territory. Earlier Kiev appellate economic court recognized lawful alienation of the state residence "Mezhigorye" and its transfer to a private property.

On September 17 the first vice-the prime minister - the minister Oleksandr Turchynov declared that the Supreme Court of Ukraine will consider soon the government statement of claim about return of the governmental residence "Mezhigorye" to state ownership. The first vice-the prime minister also hoped that the Ministry of Internal Affairs will be able to investigate the fact of disappearance of documents on registration in property of the land plot from the governmental residence.


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