Daily 100 potential murderers come out to the Nikolaev roads

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For the purpose of the prevention dorozhno - transport incidents with serious consequences on area highways the State traffic inspectorate are constantly carried out quickly - preventive working off. Not last days off became an exception also.

On October 9 and 10 the staff of GAI saw off quickly - preventive working off of the regional center under the conditional name "The drunk driver - the criminal! ". The main objective - identification and the termination of rough violations of the rules of traffic, first of all, management of the vehicle is able alcoholic or drug intoxication, excess of the established speed, violation of the rules of overtaking, journey of intersections, emergency creation to other participants of traffic, and also PDR violation by pedestrians.

During working off 129 violations of the rules of traffic, from whichwere revealed and stopped24, - drunk driving;15 violation of the rules of journey of intersections; 5 - emergency creation, 3 - overtaking violation of the rules, 1 fact - stop and parking violation of the rules, reports a press - service UGAI V of the Nikolaev area.

It should be noted that onlyin the current year on roads of Nikolaev "dissected" more than 17 thousand drunk drivers,for what on them administrative reports were made by inspectors of GAI. As show figures, already since the beginning of 2009 because of drunk drivers there were 32 road accidents, in particular in 10 cases didn't do without victims and injured: 13 people were traumatized and four were lost. These tragedies on roads could be avoided if not the same 100, 200 and there is more than a gram of alcohol - either for bravery, or on a path? ! Or on trouble? !

Staff of divisions of GAIin the Nikolaev area daily come to light to 100 drivers who took the wheel of automotor-transport in a state of intoxication.Them, even, doesn't frighten also that fact that according to the current legislation, for management of the vehicle in an alcohol intoxication, and also for evasion from passing reviews the provided most strict administrative liability.Though it is clear to all that a penalty in a sizefrom 2550 to 3400 UAH,probably, also won't stop the fan to drive "подшофе", and here deprivation of the right of management by all types of vehicles for a period of 1 till 2 years (part 1 of Art. 130 КУпАП of Ukraine) is more effective measure. It should be noted that repeated implementation for a year of any of these violations delays for itself deprivation of the right of management for a period of 2 till 3 years paid withdrawal of the vehicle (or without such) (h. 2 Art. 130 КУпАП of Ukraine).

If by the drunk driver it is provoked dorozhno - transport incident which entailed traumatizing of people and the more so their death, concerning responsible for road accident comes into effect alreadyCriminal Code of Ukraine.According to UK Art. 286 the driver will be punished in the form of a penalty, either corrective works, or arrest, or restrictions of freedom on the terms determined by court are in case of causing to the victim in road accident of injuries of average weight. If to the victim the caused heavy injuries, or the death of one or several people turned out to be consequence of road accident, - punishment for this act provides imprisonment for a period of 3-x till 12 years (depending on weight of consequences). And in all 3-x points of this article of the Criminal Code to responsible for road accident with victims it is provided as deprivation of its right to direct vehicles for up to 3-x years.

On - such situation when the holiday, and to you on following for a wheel is planned day is familiar to the visible, each driver? You shouldn't be sure that till the morning mind again will be able soberly to see the world. It isn't necessary to hope for the skillful driving. Always it is necessary to be able to have a rest and know the measure. Don't afford anything superfluous and you remember,drunk at a wheel is a murderer of innocent people!


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