On souvenir "five-hundred part" in Nikolayevshchina it "is possible" to buy vodka and to pay for school of the child

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To the local militia inspector of Brotherly RO Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area information arrived that allegedly in its territory of service the fact of sale of the false note of 500 UAH took place. Thus accurately pointed to the person who paid off the specified money - 32 - the summer local.

During check by the guard it was established that three companions, during drinking of alcoholic drinks in the house 38 - the summer owner, decided to have a good time. Thus and an occasion found - vodka ended, and the soul demanded continuation. The owner together with one of friends suggested the companion to go and get for their money still the spirits. The last agreed and jokers gave to the man who already was strongly drunk, the note of 500 hryvnias on which surface from both parties inscriptions "souvenir" were made.

The man went to shop without suspecting that this note isn't means of payment, and decided "to close" also the private debt. Without warning the friends, it went to local comprehensive school where his son and where it had to grant a certain sum of money studies, reports TsOS Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Nikolaev area.

In educational institution the man went to the principal. One minute prior to appearance of the father of the pupil the call by the lesson beginning already sounded, the woman hurried in a class and, without paying attention to the note, exchanged money, having counted a debt in the sum of 105 hryvnias. After that the man bought vodka and returned to the owner of "five-hundred part" the remained 200 hryvnias. Jokers were very surprised that it managed to exchange the souvenir note and them details as on a table there was a vodka didn't interest any more and "holiday" proceeded.

Only in a week when the principal began to transfer money, the woman revealed that the note souvenir.

Men apologized for the jokes and returned money - already real.

In the criminal code of Ukraine there is a section of articles of crimes in the sphere of economic activity. Among them Art. 199 - "Production, storage, transportation and sale of counterfeit money" which treats category of the heavy.The sanction of article provides imprisonment for a period of three till seven years, and in other cases - till twelve years with property confiscation.

In the village and directly in educational to an institution will remember for a long time this history, but nevertheless it is necessary to consider that this event could end not with a joke, and initiation of legal proceedings.


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