Head of "Artek": This dirty campaign - the road to a hell

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The management of "Artek" declares that this establishment has no relation to criminal case on depravity of children.

It on a press - conferences on Thursday were declared by the director general of "Artek" Boris Novozhilov, reports a press - service MDTs.

"In "Artek" similar things are impossible in principle. Them do impossible: long-term pedagogical system, unique sociocultural space, multistage system of health and safety of children" - he declared.

Novozhilov considers that "present dirty campaign with name use "Artek" is continuation of the antinational and antistate plan of destruction of the international children's center with the subsequent capture of its territory".

It reminded that else in February, 2009 the labor staff of "Artek" warned about opportunity "activization of forces which seek to reduce scores with "Artek", and urged politicians to stop various insinuations round the center and its collective".

"Destruction of all system of children's improvement and rest in Ukraine can become consequences of this campaign... After everything that poured out in mass media during the last three days, the considerable part of parents can lose trust not only to Artek, but also to children's health resorts as a whole", - Novozhilov declared.

"Similar strategy by what happy thoughts about justice and wellbeing of children it wasn't caused, actually, is the road to a hell, treachery of national interests of Ukraine. And it is necessary to be responsible for it", - he added.

Novozhilov also declared that won't allow to discredit "Artek" name, honor and dignity of his employees and reserves the right "to make resolute actions in child protection and all multimillion artekovsky family which appreciates "Artek" and trusts it".

It is known that names of heads of "Artek" including Novozhilova, appear in the case of depravity of children.


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