The inhabitant of the Nikolaev area doesn't know, it killed the mother during a dinner, or not

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"Crime. Is NOT PRESENT" wrote that on October 13, in the city of Bashtanka of the Nikolaev area, in kitchen in own house the corpse 75 - the summer local resident was found.

During quickly search actions, to the staff of criminal investigation department of the Bashtansky District Department of Internal Affairs, without delay it was succeeded to detain the suspect in murder commission. It was it 54 - the summer daughter killed.

Larisawith the husband already long time lived in Bashtanka the Nikolaev area. They, though didn't legalize the marriage, but grew up two adult sons, conducted economy and looked after grown old motherLarisa. Everything, as at all.

The woman strove the whole day on economy,Nikolaytill the evening I was at work, and in the evening the family gathered at supper.

Once on SundayNikolayI watched TV, the wife made a dinner in a summer kitchen. Mother who was nearLarisa, suddenly there was a wish for a borsch, and she asked the daughter to prepare it for dinner.

ButLarisaI didn't meet halfway and cooked soup. The weak-sighted woman tried a spoon of food and understood that its favourite food for dinner won't be. Mother started reproaching the daughter. Reproaches were a commonplace forLarisa, and she paid to them attention a little.

But at any moment reproaches of mother angeredLarisa, and it a knife with which just I cut bread, hit mother in a breast.

The unconscious grandmother fell to a floor. Having seen that did,Larisaat once I called the ambulance and militia.

BehaviorLarisawas unexpected for all relatives and acquaintances of a family. Neighbors repeatedly heard abuse between women, but, meanwhile, always noted a caring attitude of the daughter to the mother.

On interrogationLarisaI denied the murder fact. She insisted that mother herself came across a knife while it cut bread.

Forensic scientists in this case have other point of view, after all the knife blade got into a body of the grandmother on five centimeters that testifies to intended actions of the detainee.

For this timeLarisais in a temporary detention center and doesn't admit the guilt, but доказател


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