Nikolayevets by truck brought down the person in the Ternopol area and disappeared from the place of accident

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On 75 - the summer man the truck in the village ran. Horsehides of the Podvolochisky area.

The misfortune happened to the pensioner on October 19 around 11.00. Responsible for the tragedy - the driver of MAZA - ran away from a scene. In three hours he was detained by the staff of GAI.

- The truck driver arrived to the village from the Nikolaev area to exchange oil and onions for potatoes, - the senior inspector of a regional State traffic inspectorate Nikolay Letskalyuk tells. - During trade the pensioner approached to the driver and told that it drove off by car back a little, say, and at it is, than to trade. The driver started handing over back, and the truck ran over the man.

According to the driver, having seen that he did, very much was frightened, got into the car and left away. Staff of GAI detained him already in Hmelnitsky area. The man arrested. The truck delivered to a shtrafploshchadka in Ternopol.

- The driver claims that didn't notice how the pensioner appeared behind his car, and having seen that caused to the person death, was shocked, - mister Letskalyuk speaks. - So, in the head the first thought flew - to get away.


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