Scandal over Artek won't be reflected in reputation of the Crimea?

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Scandal over "Artek" won't do noticeable harm to development of the children's organized rest in the Crimea. About it in interview to the weekly "Comments: " the head of the Crimean office of Tourist association of Ukraine Vyacheslav KHACHATURIAN declared.

"As a whole this scandal won't be reflected in reputation of the Crimea in any way. It will quickly enough be forgotten, because business especially political. Someone will receive from it dividends, but "Artek" hardly will take away because it has very powerful structure", - the expert considers.

According to V. Khachaturian, scandal won't be postponed at all in consciousness of parents: "These facts so vile and unnatural that is clear to any judicious person that they are forged. It is very bald lie therefore it is even not terrible".

The Crimean expert is also sure that attendance of "Artek" during the next season won't decrease also.

"Annually in the Crimean camps any scandals, let not such rise, but there are other terrible things, for example mass poisoning of children. Therefore any delayed problems for "Artek" can't be. Will talk, will talk - and it will be forgotten", - V. Khachaturian noticed.

As reported the UNIAN, on October 13 the People's Deputy from Party of Regions Vadim KOLESNICHENKO declared the facts of depravity of minors in "Artek".

In turn, the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Yury LUTSENKO declared on October 14 that else in April of this year in the case of depravity of two minor children who had a rest in "Artek", charge is brought and the father of these children is detained, and three employees of the children's center pass on business as witnesses.

According to Yu.LUTsENKO, it is established that the father of these children who worked as the journalist, left the wife, however she sometimes allowed it to take them with herself on rest, in particular in "Artek". As noted Yu.LUTsENKO, injured children were adopted in due time by spouses.

It is also established that injured children who were in "Artek", took out on the private apartment where the father and other persons not established for the present, carried out with them actions which are qualified as depravity.

In turn, the director general of MDTs "Artek" Boris NOVOZHILOV categorically declared on October 15 inadmissibility of coordination of the territory of the center and its employees with the facts of violence over children which allegedly took place in one of families.


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