Since the beginning of year against nikolayevets nearly 4 thousand property crimes

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Following the results of 9 months of work in the current year in the territory of area 3706 facts of commission of property crimes are registered. Among them the greatest part is represented by thefts which make 33%, including private property of 30%, a robbery of 8%, fraud of 4%, assaults of 1%.

For same time from total of crimes of category of illegal mastering vehicles was absolutely 69 crimes, and on 55 facts malefactors are established, the head of department of criminal investigation department of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs militia lieutenant colonel Mikhail Chernyak in the interview about a performance course "Reported programs of fight against crimes against property for 2007-2010".

From total of the crimes of a property orientation committed in the current year 915 treat category heavy and especially heavy. These are 92 assaults, 531 thefts and 292 robberies.

In the current year disclosure of the robberies which have been carried out in last years improved. For this time 51 such crimes are solved, it is twice more than in the past. 14 assaults, 9 frauds are opened. As for detective work, since the beginning of year 5 robbers, 32 robbers and 74 thieves are found.

Recently we widely use bases is information - search engines of department of the UMVS information technologies of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area. With their help for the current year 5620 persons who rendered assistance to establishment and detention of 23 persons which are declared in search, both in the territory of the Nikolaev area, and in the territory of other areas of Ukraine were checked.


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