Nikolayevets, collecting nuts in a forest belt, I found a revolver and three years illegally I went shooting with it ""

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In a strong point of local militia inspectors of one of settlements of the Veselinovsky region of the Nikolaev area the local resident asked for the help. She asked to protect it from the husband who, being in an alcohol intoxication, started kicking up a row, damaged furniture in the house and tried to beat it. Thus frightened woman specified that when the husband swung hands, she allegedly saw in a hand whether a knife whether the gun. Without examining the subject is more attentive, the hostess at once ran to the district police officer.

As reports TsOS Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area when guards came to the specified address, 36 - the summer man there any more wasn't. Having understood where exactly and why the wife went, he fast left the dwelling. The district police officer didn't make special work to find for the brawler - that hid in the house of the companion.

When the man came back home, he promised to militiamen that will never behave thus more. But police officers didn't hurry to leave and asked the man to show a subject which he held in hand during the "heroic" behavior. The man became puzzled, started looking for uncertainly a knife which, allegedly, and he had in hands, but the woman was firmly sure that in the house there is no the subject similar to that thing which her husband swung.

After room survey, on a case the self-made five-charging revolver of caliber of 5,6 mm was found.

The man, apologizing to the wife, I told that about three years ago he found the weapon far outside the settlement when went on forest belts and collected nuts. It seems, this subject also wasn't necessary to it, but he decided to bring nevertheless a revolver home. Supporting a dangerous find in good repair, it sometimes left in the field where shot on birds.

At present is established, whether has a revolver of the criminal past.

The investigation is carried.


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