Lutsenko: in Ukraine prepared acts of terrorism

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Activists of the radical movement "At — Takfir Wal — Hidzhra" prepared murder of the leader of Majlis of the Crimean Tatars Moustapha DZHEMILEV.

As the correspondent of the UNIAN reports, the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Yury LUTSENKO reported about it today on a press - conferences in Simferopol.

"Information that participants of the movement "At — Takfir Wal — Hidzhra" sentenced to death of the leader of Majlis Moustapha DZHEMILEV and his close colleagues was received, that they prepared with application of firearms and explosives to make a number of acts of terrorism", - told Yu.LUTsENKO.

The minister declared that the Majlis is "serious threat" for extremists from "At - Takfir Wal - Hidzhra" as "supports traditional Islam" and criticizes activity of radical movements. "The Majlis is a stumbling block for distribution of this organization", - told Yu.LUTsENKO.

According to him, M. DZHEMILEV confirmed: he knows about taken out by extremists to him and other activists of Majlis "такфире".

Information on that adherents "At - Takfir Wal - Hidzhra" sentenced the leader of Majlis to death arrived to militiamen before carrying out special operation on October 23. Task forces of reaction which structure, except militia divisions, included the staff of the Ukrainian intelligence service, carried out the authorized searches in several regions of the Crimea. Trotyl checkers with detonators, knifes, extremist literature and the literature connected with studying tactics - technical characteristics of the weapon, etc.

are withdrawn

"Among detainees we have not five as declared SBU but only two suspects of terrorism", - Yu.LUTsENKO reported. This is the ideological mentor who was "the American of jihad across Ukraine", and the active member of the movement "At — Takfir Wal — Hidzhra" who was wanted for "commission of intention of murder" the imam of a mosque and his security guard. Both lived in the Crimea.

"Detainees don't give any evidences. They don't recognize the Ukrainian authorities, don't recognize the Ukrainian laws, they serve only as, they speak, to "sacred business", and consider that they aren't jurisdictional to terrestrial court", - told Yu.LUTsENKO.

The Interior Minister scarified SBU that its press - the service in day of carrying out operation distributed on October 23 information on it in mass media.Including from - for disclosure of data, I noted Yu.LUTsENKO, it wasn't succeeded to detain the leader "At - Takfir Wal - Hidzhra" which lived in Poltava region, and also his next colleague living in the Crimea.

On a question, whether M. DZHEMILEV will be protected, the Interior Minister answered that if the People's Deputy will write the official application for protection or granting the weapon, this question will discuss. "We are ready to promote in every possible way within the current legislation to safety of those persons which are a target of extremists", - told Yu.LUTsENKO.

The minister emphasized that "Ukraine has to create the adequate legislation which can become a dam before attempts of creation extremist and the terroristskikh of the organizations". One of such bills the deputy - the chief of militia of the Crimea, the deputy of parliament Gennady MOSKAL developed it.

. The Russian in turn emphasized that today Ukraine came to big level of democracy, "when we don't understand: where terrorism, and where democracy".


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