The guarantor of the rights and freedoms Igor Markov or the Country of huge opportunities … for criminals

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As reported yesterday"Crime. Is NOT PRESENT",party leader"Homeland" Igor MarkovI returned to Odessa.

By wordsMarkova, soon he intends to challenge in a judicial order the decision of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine on cancellation of a party registration"Homeland".

"I already filed a lawsuit the claim", - emphasizedMarkovin interview"Bridge Odessa".

He also noted that considers opportunity to standin presidents of Ukraine."While finally the decision isn't present. But thoughts such are", - declaredMarkov.

Meanwhile, law enforcement agencies aren't going to undertake something in connection with returnMarkova to Odessa.

"We aren't engaged in Markov. As far as I know, case on him is closed. If it returned, in search any more doesn't appear", - the employeecommented on Markov's appearanceTsOS of the Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Odessa region Vladimir Shabliyenko.

We will remind that the Ministry of Justice recognized become invalid the certificate on registration of political party "Homeland". In March of the current year the prosecutor's office of Odessa region brought criminal case on Igor Markov's charge of beating of participants of nationalist meeting on September 2, 2007 at the building of the Odessa regional administration. At the disposal of prosecutor's office there is a record of meeting on which it is visible asIgor Markovpersonally beats demonstrators.

The Department of Internal Affairs of the Nikolaev area put on September 11 Igor Markov on the state wanted list. Mass media reported that it hid in Transnistria, however later the source in the immediate environment of the politician reported that Igor Markov is at present in Turkey.

Igor Markov declared that is on treatment in Russia. And on interrogation to Nikolaev it wasn't consciously:

-In Nikolaev large-scale provocation with fights, with blood prepared.It was planned to bring 20-30 more criminal cases, and my companions who would go to rescue me, would appear behind a lattice. You understand, the power demonizes me, and from it it is possible to expect anything. Never was such that on business "about the broken lip" the battalion of internal troops and a company of militia of a special purpose "Golden eagle" was alerted. You understand, the power prepared for large-scale provocations.

It is worth reminding that security service specialists of Ukraine couldn't even provide external supervision over the party leader"Homeland" Igor Markov.

In March, on parking of a housing estate the White Sail where the party office is located, was detained by local protection the unknown man with a video camera. It suspected of preparation of attempt at Igor Markov, about attempt spoke long ago, but nobody expected that the person watching party office - the employee of SBU. He was detained before militia arrival. A bit later information that one more car with unknown is found arrived. Them too detained before arrival of an investigation team.

We will remind that at a briefing in Kiev the head a press - the SBU center Marina Ostapenko confirmedparticipation of "Homeland" in murder of the student Maxim Chaika, which stirred up Odessa:

"By results quickly - search actions of SBU versions about the organization of murder of Maxim Chaika are confirmed, including the main, concerning widespread in electronic and print media of information on participation of the head of Rodina party in financing of the association "Antifa" and murder of the student", - toldOstapenko.

Maxim Chaika- the student of journalism faculty, the activist of the patriotic organization "Glory and Honour" (SICh) who was lost from knife wounds as a result of skirmish with activists of the pro-Russian organization "Antifa".

The deputy prosecutor of Nikolaev passed on September 21 the decision on cancellation of the resolution on attractionIgor Markovto responsibility as accused, having counted it is premature. The second resolution of the deputy prosecutor cancelled searchIgor Markovin connection with change of its procedural status.

So, nowIgor MarkovI am ready to pay pledge in the Central Election Commission 2,5 million hryvnias, ничтоже сумняшеся, having threatened on a post of the Guarantor Konstitution, the rights and freedoms of Ukrainians. ThusIgor Markovwill receive for elections inviolability.Having got rid from "importunate" Sbushnikov and investigators,Igor Markovwill continue to get used to a role and to prove that it not "a creature I shivering, and have the right". At this time the system of SBU, Prosecutor's office and militia is engaged in demagogy and shows the inability …

As it became known"Crime. Is NOT PRESENT",today, on October 28, the Nikolaev investigator has to interrogateIgor Markov in Odessa …


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