GAI waits for new penalties for drunk in new year

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The head of Ministry of Internal Affairs GAI department Sergey Kolomiyets supports toughening of responsibility for traffic violations of the rules.

He told about it in time a press - conferences on Wednesday.

Kolomiyets noted that after the last toughening of responsibility mortality on roads decreased in comparison with the past years.

"If at us 26 people perished per day in 2008, now it is 14 people", - the head of GAI specified.

Kolomiyets stated expectation that the bill providing toughening of criminal liability for commission of road accident in an alcohol intoxication, can be accepted after presidential election.

According to him, this bill provides that the penalty for road accident commission in a state of intoxication will make from 8 to 10 thousand hryvnias or 2 years of forced hard public labor and deprivation of the rights for management of vehicles for 5 years.

At the same time Kolomiyets emphasized that the judicial system "liberally concerns drunkards".

Making comments on a situation with legality of use of the Vizier device, Kolomiyets told: "Vizier" isn't mistaken. It is simple to eat divergences between us and prosecutor's office, though Ministry of Justice on our party".

"The State Office of Public Prosecutor directed the special instruction. We, carrying out this instruction, carried out necessary tests and procedures and answered prosecutor's office and agreed with it that we will pass this device through tests of Gosstandart and committee on information security", - the head of GAI told.

According to Kolomiytsya, on each device the package of documents will be received and they will work further. Thus the head of GAI Department noted that it were "the working moments with the State Office of Public Prosecutor".

Besides, Kolomiyets declared that use of "Vizier" on GAI cars during movement is lawful.

"On the device movement and car speed, and GAI car is fixed. If movement happens towards, it (speed) is taken away if in the passing direction - it is added", - he explained.

"Indicators of the device are the sufficient proof that there is a violation", - the head of the department of GAI emphasized.

Thus Kolomiyets added that during the operation of the device not in an automatic mode, "and when people press the button and fix, they (inspectors) are obliged to stop you and to make the protocol".


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