Addicts are treated drugs, but by them why - that, so don't recover …

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In edition edition "Crime. Is NOT PRESENT" the letter from the director of the Center of resocialization of drug-addicted youth the Source (Ochakov) of Pavel Kazaryan came.

"Throughout all our activity, we fight against drug addiction distribution in our country, by rehabilitation of drug-addicted children. Our organization not profitable, not religious and not the political.

We and me first of all are revolted by that lawlessness which occurs in the social sphere concerning AIDS and drug addiction. Not only that the resocialization Centers true survive contrary to a donor and state policy in Ukraine. So also we face more serious problem in my opinion is the actual legalization of drugs in our country. I, consider that people have to know that practically in each settlement of Ukraine free of charge (for money of donors) the hardest narcotic preparation METHADONE is distributed to everyone to addicts. It allegedly European practice. Yes, in Europe there is such practice, but in - the first, it already start refusing since she led to growth of number of addicts of metadonshchik and upon any positive changes didn't bring, and in - the second, our Ukrainian replaceable therapy by a methadone significantly differs from the European! Methadone give all without threshold system, i.e. it is accepted even by those addicts who have ш ансы on full refusal of drugs, it give to pregnant women. Our employees observed how after methadone acceptance, a certain citizen took the wheel of a taxi and went to carry people. Methadone take out, sell and buy! In fact we promote the further growth of drug addiction in Ukraine. The global fund on fight against AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria allocated to Ukraine $150 million. I make impression that our youth want to destroy completely! ! !

As the classic told - "Mind not to understand Russia! " it is valid the truth. And though Ukraine "seven-mile" steps aspires in the European Union, similar expression unambiguously belongs and to our country.

The top management of our state so wants to reach EU that is ready to adopt any laws, any recommendations from authoritative senior euros brothers and to make to them any concessions, if only not to upset the supporters.And what will be farther? Further, as one more classic told - "The abroad will help us! ".

Possibly, such hopes moved the Ukrainian highest minds during adoption of law of MOZ of Ukraine by N846 from 20.12.2006г. "About ways of prevention of HIV/AIDS and the replaceable supporting therapy (RST) for consumers of injecting drugs". Drug addiction treat drugs - HURRAH!! ! We found a way out and now we know, how перетравить all addicts of Ukraine! And the main thing not as, and for whose money? After all "poison" now too not from cheap pleasures. The international Global Fund on fight against AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria allocated to Ukraine 150 million US dollars for replaceable therapy and will finance this project till 2012. The president of Ukraine since April 22, 2009 instructed to develop scientific standardly - legal base for introduction of replaceable therapy for drug-addicted patients who are in establishments of execution of punishments. ZPT will introduce in prisons soon, only for what purpose? If still there was let an insignificant percent of those people who are in places of imprisonment which could find forces and, having rethought vital values, refused the use of drugs, now in it there will be no need.

While, everything goes according to the plan! Usual so-called "street drugs" replace on "super the most unique" a preparation, panacea of 21 eyelids - a methadone a hydrochloride. The methadone is the strongest synthesized drug from group of opiates, it is much stronger than heroin and it is almost impossible to refuse it!

And meanwhile, metadonovy therapy starts bearing fruit:

According to Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Nikolaev area, last week employees of UBNON of the Nikolaev area detained one of participants of ZPT who within a year took out methadone tablets from a regional narcological clinic, prepared from them an injection preparation (for sharpness of feelings it mixed a methadone with a Dimedrol) and was pricked together with the cohabitant. After a while "businessman" understood that on a methadone it is possible to earn very not bad. Grief - the family began to sell illegally taken out tablets. As expected, trade was successful. But shortly the couple of addicts drew attention of employees УБНОНа. It is characteristic that at a search in the apartment of drug dealers found not only a methadone, but also heroin.

Literally in some days - again detention. This time in the city New Odessa in Nikolayevshchina.There at sale of a methadone of Bnonovtsa took one more participant of ZPT who managed to take out a methadone from a local narcological clinic. And this enterprising young man also accepted him injektsionno.

In Ukraine 540 thousand drug addicts are officially registered - you can safely multiply this figure on 10, and then receive approximate number of drug addicts in our country. It is accident! But it not an occasion to deprive of these people of chance to return itself the life and to stop the use of drugs! Drug addiction is an illness of feelings, an illness of the personality and soul. Not to cure it tablets and pricks. This disease needs medicamentous intervention only at an initial stage of recovery when the question concerns a conclusion from abstinency (withdrawal pains), and psychologists and teachers have to work further. Every year the population of Ukraine becomes less and our society is obliged to fight for each soul! Ukraine is in great need in a network of the Centers of long rehabilitation and resocialization of drug addicts. In such Center I have honor to work and I. When I see result of our work, I rejoice how people change the life, become others, not so similar to what are now pricked on landings or legally swallow of methadone pills.

Our purpose - to help as the bigger number of people can escape from paws of freaky madness and completely to stop the use of drugs!

If in your family there was a grief, and someone from relatives to you people uses drugs - don't despair and you don't hurry …. Call and consult free of charge.

ph. + 38(095)896-85-84. E-mail:

In more detail about the Center on our site:

Director of the Center of Resocialization of Drug-addicted Youth "Source"

Pavel Kazaryan


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