The master the repairman a hammer on the head beat the host

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To Novobugsky central regional hospital in a critical condition it was taken 51 - the summer local. Doctors established the diagnosis - a fracture of bones of a skull and a head wound, transfers the Center of public relations of the Nikolaev municipal government of militia.

Employees of Novobugsky RO Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on this fact brought criminal case according to Art. 121 p.1 ("Deliberate heavy injury") which sanction provides imprisonment for a period of five till eight years and during the investigation the following became clear.

A month before this event the injured man employed the master who carried out at his place repair work. 52- the summer expert appeared the professional of the business and during this time between men were established not only business, but also friendly relations.

When repair work was included already in a final stage, the owner suggested the master "to celebrate" this event. The worker invited by a feast also the cohabitant.

After rather long time spent behind a shot glass of vodka, the tired host, having decided to have a rest already, I suggested a couple to leave his household. Before he already several times hinted that it is time already and on houses, but guests either didn't understand, or didn't want to understand. The master - the repairman who wished "banquet continuation", for any reason didn't wish to finish a feast and he in rather rough form answered the man that it will do that wishes, and nobody can expose it for doors. Thus the worker felt deeply offended, and between men there was a quarrel. "Guest" suggested the owner to go outside where the showdown was continued.

The owner, without wishing final deterioration of the relations, I told to the man that doesn't wish to talk long and the only thing that he asks, to leave it in his house alone. After these words of people it was developed and I went to the house, but the master having got from a box for tools a hammer, I hit the owner on a nape. The owner tried to be protected, but received some more strong blows to the head.

When the man, having fainted, I fell to the ground, the master, having realized an event, quickly I left a household, and the owner when recovered consciousness, could reach a neighbour's fence and ask neighbors to cause an emergency medical service.

For this time investigating authorities of Novobugsky regional prosecutor's office resolve an issue concerning retraining of the brought criminal case on heavier article of the criminal code of Ukraine - attempt at murder.


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