The gang of employees of Shevchenkovsky regional council of Kiev robbed social security, having killed the watchman

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The daring crime occurred the other day in the Shevchenkovsky district of Kiev. Inhabitants of Kiev Vitaly G. and Sergey G. are suspected of participation in it, both is drivers, reported in a capital militia central board.

As detectives speak, Vitaly working as the driver in the territorial center of social security of the Shevchenkovsky area down the street Kotovsk, 33, casually knew that in accounts department of this center arrived on temporary storage of 85 thousand dollars. It instigated the friend Sergey, too the driver serving managing affairs of the office of Shevchenkovsky regional council, the secretary of BYuT fraction in regional council Ekaterina Beloshevich, to steal "greens". Having made the way, according to detectives, at night to the building терцентра and having unbent a window lattice, malefactors began to pull out from there the metal safe where there was money. On the trouble, noise услыхал 53 - the summer security guard. Him killed an iron rod and managed - to take out production.

Without delay both criminals managed to be detained. At them found 11 thousand dollars. Where the rest, becomes clear - at Sergey and Vitaly, according to the investigators, there were two more or three accomplices. As one of deputies of regional council, according to its data, all these accomplices - also drivers of Shevchenkovsky district administration told. But in militia this information don't confirm.

Criminal case is brought, the investigation is carried. The deputy head of Shevchenkovsky regional council Alexander Fedorenko told that all are shaken by state of emergency, but in soul to everyone supposedly you won't glance, the it is more to driver. Ekaterina Beloshevich as speak in administration, too shocked: "After all the driver could kill and it".

Still a question - from where in the social security center such sum moreover and in foreign currency? The first version which we heard from the assistant to one of heads of Shevchenkovsky RGA, looked extremely. Say, this money intended "for salaries and for delivery needy" (in dollars? ! ). The second version which sounded in district administration later, the is as follows: worker терцентра served many years 90 - the summer pensioner who lived in one apartment with the son, to which now 75 years, the former military, and the grandson, to which 50 years. Then the old man died, and his son asked to help his family further.In one of days when the employee came to visit them, she saw the grandson


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