From GPU from - under a nose stole the affairs connected with "Artek"

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The prosecutor's office of the Crimea brought criminal case upon loss of documents which the State Office of Public Prosecutor requested in a context "matter of pedophiles in "Artek".

As writes "Today", the State Office of Public Prosecutor requested materials concerning the sodomy facts concerning children of "Artek" which was conducted by law enforcement agencies of the Crimea at the beginning of 2000-x years, in connection with recent "business of pedophiles".

As reported in GPU, in 2000 the Crimean militia initiated two faktovykh proceedings on article 122-2 of the old Criminal code - for a sodomy against minors (in current UK of such article isn't present). Then the consequence didn't yield results, on it detained nobody, but affairs didn't close.

When there was "a business of pedophiles" who allegedly forced children and in "Artek", in is investigative - to task force decided to lift materials of last years, including these.

But for their transfer to Kiev used not courier communication (delivery of correspondence by the special armed service), and services of the conductor of the train "Simferopol — Kiev". And when the representative of the State Office of Public Prosecutor was behind a parcel, the conductor declared that already gave it to the person presented by the employee of GPU.

Press - the secretary of prosecutor's office of ARC Natalya Boyarkina confirmed that on November 6 the prosecutor of the Crimea Vladimir Boyko brought criminal case upon loss of documents of its department.

"They have no relation to business of pedophiles in "Artek", become resonant after statements of People's Deputies. Them transferred from our archive to Kiev at the request of GPU", - she explained.

"Missing of business are already restored, but office investigation proceeds, and I can't report other circumstances", - Boyarkina added.

Meanwhile, I passed hearing that main accused on "" Dmitry Polyukhovich gave to case of pedophiles confession, having specified that the deputy of BYuT Victor Ukolov and one more нардеп, earlier not appearing in business participated in orgies.

But the chief a press - services GPU Yury Boychenko disproved this information.

"He (Polyukhovich) didn't admit anything and nobody called. It and the fault at all denies, directing the complaint behind the complaint", - Boychenko told.

The human rights activist Eduard Bagirov reported that Polyukhovich transferred from a pre-trial detention center-13 to a SBU pre-trial detention center (the new name - department of providing a pretrial investigation).


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