Staff of the Ministry of Internal Affairs caught "Crew" with ETs

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Staff of the Ministry of Internal Affairs detained group of malefactors who specialized on system robberies of jewelry stores and currency exchange points.

It was declared by the Minister of Internal Affairs Yury Lutsenko.

The group operated on Kiyevshchina.

According to Lutsenko, during searches in the place of residence militiamen withdrew nearly a kilogram of gold products from 4 detainees, labels to jewelry, wigs, moustaches, glue and the gun with набоями, and also the BMW car which used during crimes.

The withdrawn things are estimated for the sum over one million hryvnias.

"Malefactors copied heroes of known series the "Crew", one of them even something is similar to the hero of the movie, called itself by the corresponding nicknames, copied their lifestyle (heroes of the movie)", - the minister told.

Besides, according to Lutsenko, party membership cards of one of parties are withdrawn from criminals.

Later it became clear that they had at themselves party membership cards "Uniform center".

On a question, whether party membership cards were the presents, Lutsenko answered: "I have no intention it to check, as it isn't a political affiliation".

"The only thing that is surprising that all four, one of which even considered itself partorgy, were members of one primary organization and during a search we found some more party membership cards and, obviously, it indicates or a circle of their acquaintances, or their podelshchik", - the minister told.

"If criminals counted on cover by these tickets, their leader already departed long ago from affairs, and it in any way won't help them", - he told.


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